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500 Sushi
Author: Caroline Bennett
Publisher: Sellers Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 141620881X
Pages: 288
Year: 2013-03-01
View: 460
Read: 297
500 Sushi provides the home chef with everything needed to make delicious, authentic sushi at home. Making these flavorsome bites is easy with this exhaustive collection of recipes! Following the expert advice from the founder of Moshi Moshi Sushi, you will learn how to choose fresh fish and other ingredients and fuse them into delicious combinations. From toppings and fillings to seasonings and accompaniments, this book gives you the tips and knowledge you need to make this popular Japanese dish.
Tokyo Cult Recipes
Author: Maori Murota
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062446703
Pages: 272
Year: 2016-05-17
View: 1252
Read: 1074
Enjoy the best Japanese food at home with more than 100 dishes from the gastronomic megacity, including favorites such as miso, sushi, rice, and sweets. While many people enjoy an almost cult-like reverence for Japanese cuisine, they’re intimidated to make this exquisite food at home. In this comprehensive cookbook, Maori Murota demystifies Japanese cooking, making it accessible and understood by anyone interested in learning about her native food culture and eating well. Inspired by Murota’s memories of growing up in Tokyo—cooking at home with her mother and dining out in the city’s wonderful restaurants and stands—Tokyo Cult Recipes offers clear and concise information on key basic cooking techniques and provides guidance on key ingredients that home cooks can use to create authentic Japanese food anytime. Tokyo Cult Recipes is packed with dozens of mouthwatering, easy-to-make recipes for miso, sushi, soba noodles, bentos, rice, Japanese tapas, desserts, cakes, and sweets, accompanied by helpful step-by-step photographs. This fabulous cookbook is also a visual guide to this extraordinary city, bringing it colorfully to life in gorgeous shots of food markets, Tokyo street scenes, Japanese kitchen interiors, and more.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sushi and Sashimi
Author: James O. Fraioli, Kaz Sato
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1592577822
Pages: 177
Year: 2008
View: 945
Read: 1290
Sushi is one of America's favourite specialty foods. It's also one of the foods that home cooks are most nervous about trying. It's such a treat, but much too tricky to prepare at home. Or is it? The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sushi and Sashimiwill have readers shouting 'domo arrigato.' In its pages, they'll find everything they need to know about making restaurant-quality sushi that they'll be proud to serve. Packed with all the essentials, this book provides step-by-step information on how to: Understand sushi-specific terms and techniques Discover the difference between nigiri-sushi and maki-sushi . . . and everything in-between Buy the freshest ingredients Handle raw food safely Use the proper equipment Prepare everything from rolls to rice Present these delectable dishes in an interesting and appetizing way Grab a pair of chopsticks and get ready to dig in, because The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sushi and Sashimialso offers 75 of the best recipes from master Chef Kaz Sato, owner of three popular sushi restaurants on the west coast. And best of all, readers can clearly see how each recipe should look, because the book includes a section of mouthwatering, four-colour photographs.
Cocina oriental
Author: Iwao Komiyama
Publisher: Editorial Bonum
ISBN: 9505077440
Pages: 128
Year: 2005-04-01
View: 447
Read: 1231

Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking
Author: Dana Shultz
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0735210977
Pages: 304
Year: 2016-04-26
View: 1002
Read: 1311
The highly anticipated cookbook from the immensely popular food blog Minimalist Baker, featuring 101 all-new simple, vegan recipes that all require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare Dana Shultz founded the Minimalist Baker blog in 2012 to share her passion for simple cooking and quickly gained a devoted worldwide following. Now, in this long-awaited debut cookbook, Dana shares 101 vibrant, simple recipes that are entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, and 100% delicious. Packed with gorgeous photography, this practical but inspiring cookbook includes: • Recipes that each require 10 ingredients or less, can be made in one bowl, or require 30 minutes or less to prepare. • Delicious options for hearty entrées, easy sides, nourishing breakfasts, and decadent desserts—all on the table in a snap • Essential plant-based pantry and equipment tips • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step recipes with standard and metric ingredient measurements Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking is a totally no-fuss approach to cooking for anyone who loves delicious food that happens to be healthy too. From the Hardcover edition.
Sushi For Dummies
Author: Judi Strada, Mineko Takane Moreno
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118053370
Pages: 288
Year: 2011-03-31
View: 1117
Read: 1046
Demystify the sushi bar experience Stuffed with tips and tricks - you'll roll, press, and mold sushi like a pro! From rolling sushi properly to presenting it with pizzazz, this book has everything you need to know to impress your friends with homemade maki-sushi (rolls) and nigiri-sushi (individual pieces). You'll find over 55 recipes from Tuna Sushi Rice Balls to Rainbow Rolls, plus handy techniques to demystify the art of sushi making - and make it fun! Discover how to: * Find the right equipment and ingredients * Understand the special language of sushi * Make fragrant sushi rice * Prepare vegetarian and fish-free recipes * Dish up sushi-friendly drinks and side dishes
Lorena Garcia's New Latin Classics
Author: Lorena Garcia, Raquel Pelzel
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0345530187
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-09-27
View: 1295
Read: 471
From Lorena Garcia, one of the country’s most popular Latina chefs and the co-star of NBC’s America’s Next Great Restaurant, comes a must-have cookbook for anyone who loves the bold, fresh flavors of the New Latin Cuisine. What’s the secret to great Latin-inspired food? Create layers of flavor that unfold with every bite. That’s just what Garcia does in this debut cookbook, serving up easy-to-make, irresistibly delicious dishes that taste “exotic”—though their ingredients can be found in your local supermarket. Here you’ll find classic Latin favorites like Nuevo Arroz con Pollo, while homey American classics are given a modern Nuevo Latino twist. From succulent Snapper Taquitos with Jicama-Apple Salsita to versatile arepas, the fluffy corn flatbreads that are to the Venezuelan table what baguettes are to the French, more than one hundred recipes in this volume lead lovers of Latin food far beyond tacos and empanadas. Lorena Garcia takes one of America’s hottest cuisine trends out of the restaurant and into the home kitchen, where everyone can enjoy it. Working from a base of standard pantry items that make replicating and extending these meals a snap, Garcia shows everyday cooks how to add a Latin accent to just about any dish, from meatballs to marinara. Want comfort food with flair? Who can resist such flavorful go-to dishes as • Smashed Guacamole • Creamy Roasted Corn Soup • Salmon Taquitos with Roasted Habanero Salsita • Mango BBQ Baby Back Ribs Still have room for dessert? Garcia’s are as simple as they are satisfying: Sticky Arroz con Pollo de Leche, Caramelized Vanilla Figs with Goat Cheese and Grilled Papaya, Spicy Chocolate Mousse—sweet finishing touches to a perfectly prepared meal. Dedicated to the timeless concept of cooking as an expression of love—an idea that transcends all cultures—Lorena Garcia’s New Latin Classics is a delightful book to be shared around the table with family and friends.
How to Cake It
Author: Yolanda Gampp
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 1443453900
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-10-24
View: 782
Read: 1254
From Yolanda Gampp, host of the massively popular, award-winning YouTube sensation “How to Cake It,” comes an inspiring “cakebook” with irresistible new recipes and visual instructions for creating spectacular novelty cakes for all skill levels. On her entertaining YouTube Channel, “How to Cake It,” Yolanda Gampp creates mind-blowing cakes in every shape imaginable. From a watermelon to a human heart to food-shaped cakes such as burgers and pizzas—Yolanda’s creations are fun and realistic. Now, Yolanda brings her friendly, offbeat charm and caking expertise to this colorful cakebook filled with imaginative cakes to make at home. How to Cake It: A Cakebook includes directions for making twenty-one jaw-dropping cakes that are gorgeous and delicious, including a few fan favorites with a fresh twist, and mind-blowing new creations. Yolanda shares her coveted recipes and pro tips, taking you step-by-step from easy, kid-friendly cakes (no carving necessary and simple fondant work) to more difficult designs (minimal carving and fondant detail) to aspirational cakes (carving, painting and gum-paste work). Whatever the celebration, Yolanda has the perfect creation, including her never before seen Candy Apple Cake, Party Hat, Rainbow Grilled Cheese Cake, Toy Bulldozer Cake and even a Golden Pyramid Cake, which features a secret treasure chamber! Written in her inspiring, encouraging voice and filled with clear, easy-to-follow instructions and vibrant photos, How to Cake It: A Cakebook will turn beginners into confident cake creators, and confident bakers into caking superstars!
A Visual Guide to Sushi-Making at Home
Author: Hiro Sone, Lissa Doumani
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452130396
Pages: 224
Year: 2014-04-15
View: 462
Read: 480
Finally, an all-inclusive, visual handbook for sushi lovers who want to make sushi affordably and confidently at home! This gorgeously accessible book includes popular sushi, sashimi, and sushi-style recipes by Hiro Sone, a Japaneseborn and classically trained James Beard Award–winning chef. More than 175 photographs feature beautifully finished nigiri, rolls, and ingredients in step-by-step sequences that visually demonstrate basic sushi cuts and shaping fundamentals. Packed with essential sushi knowledge—including profiles of the 65 fish and other key ingredients of sushi, recipes for staples such as dashi, and lessons in basic beverage pairing—this comprehensive yet stylish book will appeal to any fan of sushi or Japanese culture.
Mi ayuno intermitente
Author: Cecilia Ramirez Harris
Publisher: HarperCollins Espanol
ISBN: 071808506X
Pages: 224
Year: 2018-04-24
View: 1298
Read: 1270
Una tendencia de salud que cada dia tiene más seguidores, el ayuno, basado en restringir calorias de una forma muy diferente a las dietas, brindándole al cuerpo la oportunidad de regenerarse, desintoxicarse y repararse. «El ayuno intermitente es una práctica esencial que recomiendo para comenzar un estilo de vida saludable… Cecilia Ramírez Harris abarca todo lo que necesitas saber para incorporar el ayuno en tu vida y responde a las preguntas más comunes…». —Tony Robbins, autor best seller #1 del New York Times de Desata tu poder ilimitado. «Mi ayuno intermitente proporciona herramientas poderosas que te permiten tomar medidas en respuesta a nuestro entorno amenazante. Cecilia Ramírez Harris ha hecho un trabajo magnífico en la creación de un programa sencillo sobre el ayuno intermitente que seguramente allanará el camino hacia la salud». —Doctor David Perlmutter, autor best seller #1 del New York Times de Cerebro de pan y Más allá de tu cerebro. El ayuno ha sido parte esencial de muchas civilizaciones hasta el día de hoy, además a través de la historia se ha utilizado como método curativo para un sinnúmero de condiciones de salud. El interés creciente que existe por el ayuno en la actualidad ha dado vida a Mi ayuno intermitente, dirigido a quienes buscan respuestas a sus condiciones de salud, a su obesidad, y se ven atrapadas en un estilo de vida que no les permite salir adelante. También es la respuesta que la autora ofrece a todos los que al finalizar el detox con jugos verdes, basados en su primer libro El diario de mi detox, se preguntan cuál es el siguiente paso. Además encontrarás: • Qué es el ayuno y cómo implementarlo • Diferentes tipos de ayuno y sus implicaciones • Nuestra obsesión con la comida • Qué es la resistencia a la insulina • El mito de las calorías • La pérdida de peso, y mucho más. El ayuno no es una píldora mágica que hará desaparecer tus problemas de salud y sobrepeso, pero puede ser la respuesta que necesitas si estás cansado de dietas imposibles de mantener a largo plazo. Una técnica milenaria adaptada a nuestros días para quienes quieren recuperar o mantener su salud a la vez que pierden exceso de peso de una forma rápida, segura y fácil. A trend of health that each day has more followers, fasting, based on restricting calories in a very different way to diets, giving the body a chance to regenerate, detoxify and repaired. This book briefly describes the various types of fasting, however, focuses primarily on Intermittent Fasting, what is about, their scientific implications and how can be implemented. It also includes a chapter in which the author recounts his own experience when performing Intermittent Fasting. Addresses issues such as: What to do after detoxing What is fasting Our obsession with food What is insulin resistance? The calories myth Weight loss My own Intermittent Fasting A millenary technique adapted to our time for those who want to restore or maintain their health and, at the same time, lose excess weight in a safe, fast and easy way.
Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy
Author: Jiro Ono, Yoshikazu Ono
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421589087
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-10-11
View: 1278
Read: 1059
An authoritative guide on how to eat sushi by master chef Jiro Ono, subject of the award-winning documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Succinct yet comprehensive, this little jewel of a book takes you through the seasonal offerings at Ono’s famed restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro. Descriptions of each type of sushi, featuring commentary from master Ono, are accompanied by beautiful full-page photography. You’ll learn the seasons in which the sushi is best served, the correct methods of eating it with either fingers or chopsticks, and how and when to use condiments. Small, portable, and stylish, Sushi: Jiro Gastronomy is the distillation of a lifetime’s worth of knowledge and a great gift for sushi lovers everywhere.
Cocina Japonesa
Publisher: Ediciones Granica S.A.
ISBN: 9568077286
Pages: 96
Year: 2005
View: 370
Read: 1093

Author: Kimiko Barber, Hiroki Takemura
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1465470174
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-07-11
View: 893
Read: 1236
Learn how to make your favorite sushi rolls at home or discover a new recipe in Sushi: Taste and Technique. This classic guide to making a variety of homemade Japanese sushi features traditional rolls plus the latest trends, including modern sushi bowls, omelets, and burritos. Detailed step-by-step photographs and foolproof recipes by Kimiko Barber and Hiroki Takemura help you master the knife skills and hand techniques you need to prepare perfect sushi and sashimi, from authentic pressed, rolled, and stuffed sushi to a sushi sandwich. Reference the fish and shellfish guide to learn how to select and cut the appropriate meat for your sushi, and get the best recommendations for your desired meal. Read about the history of sushi, make sure you have the appropriate utensils in your home and make sure they are being used correctly, and learn the proper etiquette for serving and eating sushi. Elevate your home menu with Sushi: Taste and Technique, a beautiful and in-depth reference guide to everything sushi.
Author: Nobu Matsuhisa
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501122797
Pages: 224
Year: 2017-11-07
View: 1000
Read: 954
"Originally published in Japanese in 2014 by Diamond Inc. as The smiling faces of my guests mean everything"--Copyright page.
Joy the Baker Cookbook
Author: Joy Wilson
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 1401304192
Pages: 208
Year: 2012-02-28
View: 241
Read: 1142
Joy the Baker Cookbook includes everything from "Man Bait" Apple Crisp to Single Lady Pancakes to Peanut Butter Birthday Cake. Joy's philosophy is that everyone loves dessert; most people are just looking for an excuse to eat cake for breakfast.