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Altman (Text-Only Edition)
Author: Kathryn Reed Altman, Giulia D'Agnolo Vallan
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 1683351916
Pages: 336
Year: 2017-10-31
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For decades, Robert Altman fascinated audiences with pioneering films—among them M*A*S*H, Nashville, The Player, and Gosford Park—that combined technical innovation with subversive, satirical humor and impassioned political engagement. His ability to explore and engage so many different worlds with a single, coherent vision changed the landscape of cinema forever. This signature "Altmanesque" style is, in the words of Martin Scorsese: "as recognizable and familiar as Renoir's brushstrokes or Debussy's orchestrations." In 2014, the Altman estate opened its archive to celebrate his extraordinary life and career in the first authorized visual biography on the iconoclastic director. Altman (Text-Only Edition), by Altman’s widow Kathryn Reed Altman and film critic Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan, includes a complete historical and critical narrative of Altman’s films and his process. To honor the Altman trademark of using a wide cast of characters, Altman also features contributions from his collaborators and contemporaries including Frank Barhydt, E. L. Doctorow, Roger Ebert, Jules Feiffer, Julian Fellowes, James Franco, Tess Gallagher, Pauline Kael, Garrison Keillor, Michael Murphy, Martin Scorsese, Lily Tomlin, Alan Rudolph, Michael Tolkin, and Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Altman on Altman
Author: David Thompson
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 0571261647
Pages: 320
Year: 2011-04-07
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In Altman on Altman, one of American cinema's most incorrigible mavericks reflects on a brilliant career. Robert Altman served a long apprenticeship in movie-making before his great breakthrough, the Korean War comedy M*A*S*H (1969). It became a huge hit and won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, but also established Altman's inimitable use of sound and image, and his gift for handling a repertory company of actors. The 1970s then became Altman's decade, with a string of masterpieces: McCabe and Mrs Miller, The Long Goodbye,Thieves Like Us, Nashville . . . In the 1980s Altman struggled to fund his work, but he was restored to prominence in 1992 with The Player, an acerbic take on Hollywood. Short Cuts, an inspired adaptation of Raymond Carver, and the Oscar-winning Gosford Park, underscored his comeback. Now he recalls the highs and lows of his career trajectory to David Thompson in this definitive interview book, part of Faber's widely acclaimed Directors on Directors series. 'Hearing in his own words in Altman on Altman just how much of his films occur spontaneously, as a result of last-minute decisions on set, is fascinating . . . For film lovers, this is just about indispensable.' Ben Sloan,Metro London
Robert Altman
Author: Patrick McGilligan
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0312304676
Pages: 676
Year: 1989-07-15
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The most prodigal, prolific, and visionary director to emerge from post-sixties Hollywood, Robert Altman is a man whose mystique sometimes threatens to overshadow his many critically acclaimed films (including MASH).
Robert Altman
Author: Robert Altman, David Sterritt
Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi
ISBN: 1578061873
Pages: 225
Year: 2000-01-01
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Robert Altman is one of the most inventive, unpredictable, and hotly debated American filmmakers of the past thirty years. His movies include popular hits (M.A.S.H., Nashville), critical successes (Thieves Like Us, The Long Goodbye, Short Cuts), and outright disasters (Beyond Therapy). Through triumph and tribulation alike, Altman has never lost the experimental spirit that brought him into feature filmmaking after twenty years of refining his talent on industrial movies and TV episodes. He also has maintained a gregarious, often garrulous nature, rarely missing an opportunity to discuss his work, life, and ambitions with the many critics and scholars who have plied him with questions throughout his career. The lively interviews in this book, drawn from a wide variety of sources, range from a colorful talk with Altman as he prepared an early foray into the western genre (McCabe and Mrs. Miller) to a mid-1990s conversation about the challenges of blending jazz and cinema in Kansas City. The interviews probe the many corners of Altman's work, including his epic battles with Hollywood studios and producers, his deep commitment to independent production, his creative views on video and stage-to-screen adaptation (a major facet of his career), and his insistence that he is more an audiovisual artist than a storytelling entertainer. Altman's conversations cast light on his idiosyncratic personality, revealing his taste for intoxicating experiences both on and off the screen and suggesting links between his risk-taking behaviors at the gambling table and the motion-picture set. This collection of interviews is a first-person portrait of a true American maverick whose freewheeling career has waged a decades-long campaign against Hollywood complacency and served as inspiration for new generations of independent screen artists. David Sterritt has been film critic for The Christian Science Monitor since 1968. He is an associate professor of film at Long Island University and the editor of Jean-Luc Godard: Interviews (University Press of Mississippi).
Statistics with Confidence
Author: Douglas Altman, David Machin, Trevor Bryant, Martin Gardner
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118702506
Pages: 256
Year: 2013-06-03
View: 710
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This highly popular introduction to confidence intervals has been thoroughly updated and expanded. It includes methods for using confidence intervals, with illustrative worked examples and extensive guidelines and checklists to help the novice.
Robert Altman
Author: Mitchell Zuckoff
Publisher: Vintage Books USA
ISBN: 0307387917
Pages: 560
Year: 2010
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Draws on the perspectives of family members, colleagues, and actors to assess the director's life and artistic achievements, discussing such topics as his womanizing reputation, his heart transplant, and the creation of his films.
Who Goes First?
Author: Lawrence K. Altman
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520212819
Pages: 430
Year: 1987
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This collection of stories of pioneering medical researchers provide readers with a look into the fascinating history of many of the most important medical advancements in recent years, and brings readers up to date on the ethics and controversies in current medical practice.
Disposable Asset
Author: John Altman
Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 1780106637
Pages: 224
Year: 2015-09-01
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A lone female agent finds herself abandoned in enemy territory in this riveting espionage thriller Having completed her mission to silence an agency defector, CIA operative Cassie Bradbury finds herself cut adrift in Moscow with no documents, no tickets and no identification. Hot on her trail are the Kremlin, the Russian Mafia – and Sean Ravensdale, the disgraced ex-CIA agent who has been sent to track her down. Realizing that she has been set up and is now expendable, Cassie will need all her courage and resourcefulness to outwit her pursuers – and stay alive long enough to exact revenge on the man who recruited her, who trained her – who betrayed her.
Author: John Altman
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497679230
Pages: 264
Year: 2015-04-07
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A young woman finds herself in hot water in this international thrill ride from the acclaimed author of A Gathering of Spies and A Game of Spies When Hannah Gray discovers that her lover and business partner has implicated her in a massive act of insurance fraud, she flees Chicago rather than going to the police. An Adriatic cruise will help to clear her head, she reasons, and give her time to plan her next move. On the ship, Hannah meets Renee Epstein, an elderly woman whose husband is also a fugitive, on the run from a top-secret government agency that wants to use his scientific research for a purpose he never intended. Scribbled into the couple’s guidebook is the formula for a powerful new energy source with incredible destructive capabilities. Hannah borrows the book, and shortly thereafter, the Epsteins are murdered. Suddenly Hannah is the target of an assassin whose talents are as unique as they are deadly. Pursued from the Greek islands to Istanbul to the South of France, Hannah hopes to stay alive long enough to turn her bad fortune around. Thousands of miles from everything and everyone she knows, she decides to reinvent herself—or die trying.
The Watchmen
Author: John Altman
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497679249
Pages: 322
Year: 2015-04-07
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In a CIA safe house, a reluctant interrogator and his subject find that they are the next targets on a ruthless assassin’s hit list Psychiatrist Louis Finney is still haunted by nightmares stemming from the work in mind control and psychological conditioning he helped to pioneer for the US government years ago. But when he is asked by his dying mentor to help with the questioning of Ali Zattout, an al-Qaeda operative, Finney finds he cannot refuse. Charismatic, intelligent, and unexpectedly cooperative, Zattout possesses information his masters in the Middle East cannot allow him to reveal. As Finney tries to determine if the terrorist is telling the truth or spinning a web of lies, a relentless killer closes in on the secret location where the two men are trapped together. Too late, Finney realizes that he is a pawn in a conspiracy whose dimensions stretch deep into the corridors of power. A provocative suspense story that peers into the dark corners of the war on terror, John Altman’s The Watchmen depicts the murky world of twenty-first-century espionage with thrilling style and fascinating psychological depth.
Practical Statistics for Medical Research
Author: Douglas G. Altman
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0412276305
Pages: 624
Year: 1990-11-22
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Most medical researchers, whether clinical or non-clinical, receive some background in statistics as undergraduates. However, it is most often brief, a long time ago, and largely forgotten by the time it is needed. Furthermore, many introductory texts fall short of adequately explaining the underlying concepts of statistics, and often are divorced from the reality of conducting and assessing medical research. Practical Statistics for Medical Research is a problem-based text for medical researchers, medical students, and others in the medical arena who need to use statistics but have no specialized mathematics background. The author draws on twenty years of experience as a consulting medical statistician to provide clear explanations to key statistical concepts, with a firm emphasis on practical aspects of designing and analyzing medical research. The text gives special attention to the presentation and interpretation of results and the many real problems that arise in medical research.
False Flag
Author: John Altman
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
ISBN: 1504758560
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-08-14
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A fiendish plot against the US government A fascinating and original Israeli heroine and antiheroine at odds as the clock ticks down In False Flag, Israeli-born Dalia Artzi, a tactical genius and specialist at Princeton in the study of maneuver warfare, uncovers a fiendish plot by a small group of Israeli fanatics to commit a horrific crime against the United States government and pin the blame on Iran. Meanwhile, Jana, a beautiful but deadly Israeli operative taking orders from the conspiring fanatics, is determined to deftly fulfill the deadly mission entrusted to her. Centered on a fascinating and original Israeli heroine and antiheroine, False Flag probes some of the most important political and moral conflicts of our times. “If there are thriller writers better than this, I’d like to know who they are.” — Jack Higgins, New York Times bestselling author “With complex characters possessed of hard edges, this intelligent and delectable story is sophisticated, razor-sharp, and definitely one for your keeper shelf.” — Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author “A wondrously complex thriller…Chillingly prescient and masterfully structured.” — John Land,USA Today bestselling author
Amelia's Road
Author: Linda Jacobs Altman
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 1442046384
Year: 2009-07-10
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Plant Anatomy
Author: Abraham Fahn
ISBN: 8185353417
Pages: 588
Year: 1990
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A Game of Spies
Author: John Altman
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497672724
Pages: 295
Year: 2015-04-07
View: 1240
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A deadly web of deceit ensnares two spies with a complicated personal history in this electrifying tale of World War II Eva Bernhardt was a naive twenty-year-old when the rakish spymaster William Hobbs seduced her into working for the British secret service. Now, a year later, she is a tough and cynical operative stationed in Berlin, her hatred of the Nazis matched only by her distrust of the man who abandoned her to the whims of MI6. Tasked with discovering Hitler’s plans for invading France, Eva unearths what appears to be a vital piece of information. What she doesn’t realize is that the Germans know she is a spy and are using her to mislead the Allies. It is up to Hobbs to rescue Eva and prevent a military disaster. Standing in his way are her seething resentment and two of the Gestapo’s most sinister agents. From one astonishing plot twist to the next, A Game of Spies is a riveting story of cloak-and-dagger intrigue in the tradition of Eric Ambler and John le Carré.