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Author: Josephine Hart
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0748125620
Pages: 176
Year: 2011-12-01
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Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive.' Damage, Josephine Hart's debut novel, an international bestseller, filmed with Jeremy Irons and Juliette Binoche, now takes its proper place as a Virago Modern Classic. Here is one of the most chilling explorations of physical passion and dark, obsessive love ever written. 'A remarkable first novel of awesome accomplishment and quite startling psychological insight' Ruth Rendell
Author: A. M. Jenkins
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061964565
Pages: 192
Year: 2009-08-25
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As the Pride of the Panthers, football star Austin Reid is a likable guy, good with the ladies. Lately though, he doesn't like his life -- or anything else -- so much. And the worst part is that he can't seem to figure out why.
Author: Eve Ainsworth
Publisher: Scholastic UK
ISBN: 1407179462
Pages: 288
Year: 2017-03-06
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How can you heal if you can't face your past? Confident, popular Gabi has a secret - a secret so terrible she can't tell her family, or her best friend. She can't even take pleasure in her beloved skateboarding any more. And then one day an impulse turns to something darker. Gabi has never felt so alone. But then she learns that not everyone has wounds you can see. A searing look at self-harm and acceptance from hugely talented author Eve Ainsworth. Warning: includes content that some readers may find upsetting.
Skeletal Muscle Damage and Repair
Author: Peter M. Tiidus
Publisher: Human Kinetics
ISBN: 0736058672
Pages: 337
Year: 2008
View: 341
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Attempts to cover a wide range of both basic research and applied clinical topics related to skeletal muscle damage and repair mechanisms and their application. This book examines muscle damage and repair mechanisms and issues in specific populations including older adults and special populations.
Laser induced damage in optical materials: 1986
Author: Harold E. Bennett
Publisher: ASTM International
Pages: 707
Year: 1988
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Author: Kim Stafford
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 142598844X
Pages: 496
Year: 2010-03
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The telephone invaded their conversation at just that moment. April turned and looked at the detective. He nodded his head and gave her the go ahead. Visibly quivering she took a deep breath in and picked up the receiver. "Hello?" she questioned the caller in a whisper. Gil jumped up from his seated position and said anxiously, "April!" She heard Gil let out a heavy breath. "Thank God you answered; I was wondering what was taking so long for you to call. Let me speak to Renee!" "Gil..." O'Keefe pulled the handset out of her hand. "Mr. Thompson?" Hesitantly Gil answered. "Yes. Who is this?" "I'm Detective O'Keefe with the Santa Fe PD," Gil heard the name and froze. "Who? Why are you in my house? What's wrong? Put April back on the phone." "Mr. Thompson. Ms. Hunter is here by me. I need you to listen to me. I need to inform you-" Gil didn't hear what came next. His conscious self detached from his body and he floated. Inform. He felt weak, faint, what now. He didn't comprehend the policeman's words. "Mr. Thompson, are you there, sir?" "What? I'm sorry I didn't hear you. What happened?" "It's your wife, sir..." http: //wreckagebook.tripod.com
Damage Mechanisms and Life Assessment of High Temperature Components
Author: Ramaswamy Viswanathan
Publisher: ASM International
ISBN: 0871703580
Pages: 497
Year: 1989
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Non-contractual Liability Arising Out of Damage Caused to Another
Author: Christian von Bar
Publisher: sellier. european law publ.
ISBN: 3935808631
Pages: 1384
Year: 2009
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In European law, "non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to another" is one of the three main non-contractual obligations dealt with in the Draft of a Common Frame of Reference. The law of non-contractual liability arising out of damage caused to another â?? in the common law known as tort law or the law of torts, but in most other jurisdictions referred to as the law of delict â?? is the area of law which determines whether one who has suffered a damage, can on that account demand reparation â?? in money or in kind â?? from another with whom there may be no other legal connection than the causation of damage itself. Besides determining the scope and extent of responsibility for dangers of one's own or another's creation, this field of law serves to protect fundamental rights in the private law domain, that is to say horizontally between citizens inter se. Based on pan-European comparative research which annotates the work, this book presents model rules on liability. Explanatory comments and illustrations amplify the policy decisions involved. During the drafting process, comparative material from over 25 different EU jurisdictions has been taken into account. The work therefore is not only a presentation of a future model for European rules to come, but also provides a fairly detailed indication of the present legal situation in the Member States.
Winter Damage
Author: Natasha Carthew
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1408835843
Pages: 320
Year: 2013-08-01
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*Shortlisted for the prestigious Branford Boase Award* On a frozen Cornish moor, a fourteen-year-old girl lives in a trailer with her dad and little brother. Ennor's mother left years ago, when things started to go wrong - and gradually their world has fallen apart. Now her father's gravely ill, school has closed, and Ennor knows they're going to take her brother away if things don't pick up soon. Days before Christmas, when the wind is cold and her dad's health takes a turn for the worse, Ennor packs a blanket, a map, a saucepan and a gun into her rucksack, and sets off to find her mum and bring her home. Ennor thinks she knows where she's going. But this journey will change her life for ever - it becomes a battle for survival, a heartbreaking story of love and friendship, and a fable about not finding what you were looking for, but finding something more important instead . . .
My Damage
Author: Keith Morris
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 0306824078
Pages: 336
Year: 2016-08-30
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Keith Morris is a true punk icon. No one else embodies the sound of Southern Californian hardcore the way he does. With his waist-length dreadlocks and snarling vocals, Morris is known the world over for his take-no-prisoners approach on the stage and his integrity off of it. Over the course of his forty-year career with Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and OFF!, he's battled diabetes, drug and alcohol addiction, and the record industry...and he's still going strong. My Damage is more than a book about the highs and lows of a punk rock legend. It's a story from the perspective of someone who has shared the stage with just about every major figure in the music industry and has appeared in cult films like The Decline of Western Civilization and Repo Man. A true Hollywood tale from an L.A. native, My Damage reveals the story of Morris's streets, his scene, and his music-as only he can tell it.
Essential Cases on Damage
Author: Benedict Winiger, Helmut Koziol, Bernhard A. Koch, Reinhard Zimmermann
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110248492
Pages: 1214
Year: 2012-01-01
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With an emerging ius commune in the field of tort law, the extensive range of experiences derived from national court practice on the basis of prior laws will in certain respects be of comparatively less importance. A major lacuna is thus apparent: While publications of court decisions and databases exist, none provide access to a comparative selection of recurring issues in the various European legal systems. Along the lines of the previous Digest project on Causation, this study covers another key element of tort law – damage. The publication contains a systematic selection of cases from 27 countries across Europe in addition to ECJ case-law, with each case benefiting from an analysis and commentary from a national and, where appropriate, a comparative perspective. Further, the impact of these rulings on a future European law of torts is highlighted. Finally, the publication also looks into how key cases would be resolved under unified European tort law drafts. The object of the study is thus to bridge domestic case-law with the new body of uniform tort law thus facilitating the continuity of legal development in Europe.
Biologic Markers of Air-pollution Stress and Damage in Forests
Author: G. M. Woodwell
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309040787
Pages: 363
Year: 1989
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Calculating Construction Damages
Author: William Schwartzkopf, John J. McNamara
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 0735514801
Pages: 455
Year: 2000-11-01
View: 1141
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Calculating construction damages can be complex and confusing. Written by recognized experts in the area of construction claims, Aspen Publishers' Calculating Construction Damages is a one-of-a-kind resource providing step-by-step guidelines for valuing a claim and calculating damages. Calculating Construction Damages keeps you completely up-to-date with the changes in the construction industry, and provides new and updated coverage on: Reductions in scope through deductive changes The meaning and explanation of acceleration The use of the actual cost method and the total cost method to calculate damages The effectiveness of expanding on productivity analysis. The definition of home office overhead costs and the use of the Eichleay formula. The most recent assessment of attorneys' fees on Miller Act claims Only Aspen Publishers' Calculating Construction Damages leads you through every step you need to take in order to reach an accurate assessment of construction damages. Complete coverage includes: General Principles of Damage Calculation Labor Costs Equipment and Small Tool Costs; Additional Equipment Costs Material Costs Bond and Insurance Costs Home Office Overhead Calculating Construction Damages is organized by type of damage rather than type of claim. Its clear, mathematical techniques will enable you to value any claim and accurately calculate damages.
Reservoir Formation Damage
Author: Faruk Civan, Faruk Civan, PhD
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0080471439
Pages: 1136
Year: 2011-08-30
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Reservoir Formation Damage, Second edition is a comprehensive treatise of the theory and modeling of common formation damage problems and is an important guide for research and development, laboratory testing for diagnosis and effective treatment, and tailor-fit- design of optimal strategies for mitigation of reservoir formation damage. The new edition includes field case histories and simulated scenarios demonstrating the consequences of formation damage in petroleum reservoirs Faruk Civan, Ph.D., is an Alumni Chair Professor in the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Dr. Civan has received numerous honors and awards, including five distinguished lectureship awards and the 2003 SPE Distinguished Achievement Award for Petroleum Engineering Faculty. *Petroleum engineers and managers get critical material on evaluation, prevention, and remediation of formation damage which can save or cost millions in profits from a mechanistic point of view. *State-of-the-Art knowledge and valuable insights into the nature of processes and operational practices causing formation damage *Provides new strategies designed to minimize the impact of and avoid formation damage in petroleum reservoirs with the newest drilling, monitoring, and detection techniques
Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
Author: Dominique François, André Pineau, André Zaoui
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400749309
Pages: 666
Year: 2012-12-24
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Designing new structural materials, extending lifetimes and guarding against fracture in service are among the preoccupations of engineers, and to deal with these they need to have command of the mechanics of material behaviour. This ought to reflect in the training of students. In this respect, the first volume of this work deals with elastic, elastoplastic, elastoviscoplastic and viscoelastic behaviours; this second volume continues with fracture mechanics and damage, and with contact mechanics, friction and wear. As in Volume I, the treatment links the active mechanisms on the microscopic scale and the laws of macroscopic behaviour. Chapter I is an introduction to the various damage phenomena. Chapter II gives the essential of fracture mechanics. Chapter III is devoted to brittle fracture, chapter IV to ductile fracture and chapter V to the brittle-ductile transition. Chapter VI is a survey of fatigue damage. Chapter VII is devoted to hydrogen embrittlement and to environment assisted cracking, chapter VIII to creep damage. Chapter IX gives results of contact mechanics and a description of friction and wear mechanisms. Finally, chapter X treats damage in non metallic materials: ceramics, glass, concrete, polymers, wood and composites. The volume includes many explanatory diagrams and illustrations. A third volume will include exercises allowing deeper understanding of the subjects treated in the first two volumes.