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Remembering God's Mercy
Author: Dawn Eden
Publisher: Ave Maria Press
ISBN: 1594716374
Pages: 160
Year: 2016-02-19
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Winner of the Association of Catholic Publishers 2017 Excellence in Publishing Award: Inspirational Books (First Place). In the first book to explore how memories impact and are affected by faith, bestselling author Dawn Eden offers a guide to the process she used to heal the pain of her past. Through her own story, as well as the examples of St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Peter Faber, and Pope Francis, she shows how the mercy of God, who holds all of events of our life in his own memory, can bring you healing and inner peace. Dawn Eden’s My Peace I Give You helped thousands find peace after abuse and established her as the leading Catholic authority on recovering from traumatic stress. In Remembering God’s Mercy, Eden—who suffered childhood sexual abuse that left her with PTSD—describes how she was inspired by the example of Pope Francis, St. Ignatius, and St. Peter Faber, all of whom suffered from their own painful experiences and followed a similar path to healing. Pope Francis has spoken openly about how a life-threatening bout of pneumonia affected his relationship with God, saying that recognizing and accepting the power of memories to color perceptions is essential to seeing God in all things and experiencing inner peace. The pope was influenced by the examples of Ignatius and Faber. Ignatius suffered the loss of his mother at a young age and was sent by his father to live with another family. He also fought as a mercenary soldier as a young man and experienced the trauma of war and physical pain. Faber, a student of Ignatius and among the early members of the Society of Jesus, suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety for years. He wrote in his diary how he applied Ignatius’s spiritual practices in a way that enabled him to rise above his mental suffering to grow closer with God. Through the wisdom of these three Jesuits, Eden developed an Ignatian model of healing: Acknowledge your memories. Accept that they change the way you see God, your fate, and other people. Allow God to transform your memories by coloring the past and present with his story of salvation. Eden examines how Jesus’ wounds can bring healing to your own hurt through prayer, Mass, the Sacraments (particularly confession), and the life of the Church. In each chapter, she will engage you with specific steps to take using the most famous Ignatian prayer, the Suscipe—Latin for “receive”—to transform your past traumas into an offering to God that is united with Jesus’ own self-offering.
The European Pillar of Social Rights
Author: Klaus Lörcher, Isabelle Schömann
ISBN: 2874524220
Pages: 124
Year: 2016
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The Harmonisation of European Contract Law
Author: Stefan Vogenauer, Stephen Weatherill
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 184731127X
Pages: 288
Year: 2006-03-16
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After an extended period in which the European Community has merely nibbled at the edges of national contract law, the bite of a 'European contract law' has lately become more pronounced. Many areas of law, from competition and consumer law to gender equality law, are now the subject of determined efforts at harmonisation, though they are perhaps often seen as peripheral to mainstream commercial contract law. Despite continuing doubts about the constitutional competence of the Commission to embark on further harmonisation in this area, European contract law is now taking shape with the Commission prompting a debate about what it might attempt. A central aspect of this book is the report of a remarkable survey carried out by the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law in collaboration with Clifford Chance, which sought the views of European businesses about the advantages and disadvantages of further harmonisation. The final report of this survey brings much needed empirical data to a debate that has thus far lacked clear evidence of this sort. The survey is embedded in a range of original and up-to-date essays by leading European contract scholars reviewing recent developments, questioning progress so far and suggesting areas where further analysis and research will be required
The Right to Property in Commonwealth Constitutions
Author: Tom Allen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521583772
Pages: 268
Year: 2000-03-09
View: 350
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Practical, theoretical and historical approach to constitutional rights to property in Commonwealth countries.
Author: William W. Huang, Steven R. Feldman, Christine S. Ahn, Robin S. Lewallen
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1315353652
Pages: 285
Year: 2016-11-03
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Containing 100 challenging clinical cases illustrated with superb, high-quality images, this book covers a wide range of dermatological conditions, from the commonly occurring to those slightly rarer cases. This book is an invaluable reference for all dermatology professionals in practice and offers the perfect revision guide for those in training, from hospital-based doctors preparing for higher examinations to established physicians in their continuing professional development.
Religion in New Spain
Author: Susan Schroeder, Stafford Poole
Publisher: UNM Press
ISBN: 0826339786
Pages: 358
Year: 2007
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Religion in New Spainpresents an overview of the history of colonial religious culture and encompasses aspects of religion in the many regions of New Spain. In reading these essays, it is clear the Spanish conquest was not the end-all of indigenous culture, that the Virgin of Guadalupe was a myth-in-the-making by locals as well as foreigners, that nuns and priests had real lives, and that the institutional colonial church, even post-Trent, was seldom if ever above or beyond political or economic influence. Susan Schroeder and Stafford Poole have divided the presentations into seven parts that represent general categories spanning the colonial era: "Encounters, Accommodation, and Outright Idolatry"; "Native Sexuality and Christian Morality"; "Believing in Miracles: Taking the Veil and New Realities"; "Guardian of the Christian Society: The Holy Office of the Inquisition--Racism, Judaizing, and Gambling"; "Music and Martyrdom on the Northern Frontier"; and "Tangential Christianity on Other Frontiers: Business and Politics as Usual." Sacred space can be anywhere and might not be bound by walls and ceilings. As the authors of these essays show, religion is often an attempt to reconcile the mysterious and unmanageable forces of nature, such as storms, droughts, floods, infestations of pests, epidemic diseases, and sicknesses; it is an attempt to control the uncontrollable.
Religion in Public Spaces
Author: Silvio Ferrari, Sabrina Pastorelli
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317067533
Pages: 408
Year: 2016-04-08
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This timely volume discusses the much debated and controversial subject of the presence of religion in the public sphere. The book is divided in three sections. In the first the public/private distinction is studied mainly from a theoretical point of view, through the contributions of lawyers, philosophers and sociologists. In the following sections their proposals are tested through the analysis of two case studies, religious dress codes and places of worship. These sections include discussions on some of the most controversial recent cases from around Europe with contributions from some of the leading experts in the area of law and religion. Covering a range of very different European countries including Turkey, the UK, Italy and Bulgaria, the book uses comparative case studies to illustrate how practice varies significantly even within Europe. It reveals how familiarization with religious and philosophical diversity in Europe should lead to the modification of legal frameworks historically designed to accommodate majority religions. This in turn should give rise to recognition of new groups and communities and eventually, a more adequate response to the plurality of religions and beliefs in European society.
Dangerous Dossiers
Author: Herbert Mitgang
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504028791
Pages: 258
Year: 2015-11-24
View: 319
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Dangerous Dossiers is as powerful and relevant today as it was when it first made worldwide headlines 25 years ago: a chilling reminder of the dangers of unfettered government intrusion into the lives and beliefs of private citizens, whether famous or not. This shocking account by award-winning author and former New York Times cultural reporter Herbert Mitgang provided hard evidence for the first time of the decades-long cultural war waged by the FBI and other federal intelligence-gathering agencies against scores of the world’s most renowned writers and artists. Using the Freedom of Information Act to pry loose actual surveillance files kept by the FBI, Mitgang documented that the targets of government snooping included a who’s-who of the literary and artistic worlds whom J. Edgar Hoover and his red-baiting legions suspected of communist leanings or outright disloyalty, usually with no basis whatsoever. They included: Ernest Hemingway, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Thornton Wilder, Carl Sandburg, Norman Mailer, Robert Frost, and Allen Ginsburg; and artists including Alexander Calder, Georgia O’Keefe, and Henry Moore. Called “a fascinating, illuminating and above all, morally decent book” by The New York Times, and “first-class journalism” by The Associated Press, this exposé and the many “dangerous dossiers” it contains reveal no evidence of guilt on the part of the targets of the FBI witch-hunts. But Mitgang finds plenty of proof of the paranoia, political bias, and cultural illiteracy of those who controlled the nation’s most powerful investigative agencies.
Ceremonies of Possession in Europe's Conquest of the New World, 1492-1640
Author: Patricia Seed
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521497574
Pages: 199
Year: 1995-10-27
View: 482
Read: 778
This work of comparative history explores the array of ceremonies that the English, the Spanish, the French, the Portuguese and the Dutch performed to enact their taking possession of the New World. The book develops the historic cultural contexts of these ceremonies, and tackles the implications of these histories for contemporary nation-states of the post-colonial era.
The A B C of Copyright
Author: Unesco
Publisher: Unesco
Pages: 73
Year: 1981
View: 328
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This booklet provides an overall view on the function of copyright with respect to educational, scientific, cultural and information policies.
The Law Under the Swastika
Author: Michael Stolleis
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226775259
Pages: 263
Year: 1998-02-28
View: 1300
Read: 1308
European legal history scholar Michael Stolleis examines the evolution of legal history, theory, and practice in Nazi Germany, paying close attention to its impact on the German republic and its legal profession. Breaking the conspiracy of silence held in the postwar period by justices left over from the Nazi era, Stolleis stresses the importance of researching Nazi law in order to confront ethical problems in today's legal profession.
Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Author: Rachel Hodgkin, Peter Newell
Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9280641832
Pages: 787
Year: 2007
View: 506
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"The Handbook aims to be a practical tool for implementation, explaining and illustrating the implications of each article of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and of the two Optional Protocols adopted in 2000 as well as their interconnections."--P. xvii.
Political Roles and Military Rulers
Author: Amos Perlmutter
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135168490
Pages: 320
Year: 2014-04-23
View: 668
Read: 1311
This book represents three decades of Perlmutter's experiences and observations. The author studies the relationship between the military and politics in Middle East, focusing mainly on Egypt as a case study. He concludes by analysing the effect this internal relationship has on military performance.
Facilitating Freedom of Religion or Belief: A Deskbook
Author: W. Cole Durham, Tore Sam Lindholm, Bahia Tahzib-Lie, NA Oslo Coalition on Freedom of Religion or Belief, NA Norway, NA Norsk senter for menneskerettigheter, NA Brigham Young University
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401756163
Pages: 1017
Year: 2013-12-11
View: 174
Read: 275

A Bibliographical Study of the Writings of Joaquín Costa, 1846-1911
Author: George J G Cheyne, George J. G. Cheyne
Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd
ISBN: 0900411368
Pages: 189
Year: 1972
View: 491
Read: 1216