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La Cité sans nom
Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: Rue de Sèvres
ISBN: 2369816082
Pages: 232
Year: 2017-04-26T00:00:00+02:00
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Chaque nation qui s’empare de la Cité la renomme. Siècle après siècle, des envahisseurs arrivent, s’installent et la Cité change de nom. Mais ses habitants ne laissent pas prendre dans ces luttes incessantes : leur ville est la Cité sans nom, et toute personne qui cherche à la renommer est étrangère. Kaidu est l’un de ces nouveaux arrivants, né d’une famille Dao, le dernier peuple avoir pris le contrôle de la région. Rat, elle, est originaire de la Cité sans nom, et déteste Dao pour tout ce qu’il représente. La passion de Dao pour sa nouvelle ville, où il fait ses classes de soldat de la Citadelle, est la seule chose qui pourra peut-être les rapprocher. Espérons-le, car tandis que des complots se montent, le sort de la Cité sans nom repose entre leurs mains.
La cité sans nom -
Publisher: Rue de Sèvres
ISBN: 236981148X
Year: 2018-04-04T00:00:00+02:00
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Kaidu et Rat viennent juste de se remettre de la tentative d’assassinat contre le Général de toutes les Lames quand le chaos se déchaîne à nouveau dans la Cité sans nom qui se retrouve au bord de la guerre...malgré les meilleurs efforts de ceux qui y vivent et veulent la paix une fois pour toutes. Rat va révéler quelques secrets sur le monastère dans lequel elle a grandi. Tous les deux luttent non seulement pour sauver la ville mais leur propre vie.
La Cité sans nom
Author: Vladimir Odoievski
Publisher: Lingva
Pages: 492
Year: 2015-03-24
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Entre mysticisme et science-fiction, moralisme et exotisme, le prince Vladimir Odoievski n'a jamais su se fixer. Visionnaire, il invoque une sylphide lors d'une expérience d'alchimie, rencontre un architecte du XVIIIe siècle lors d'un périple en Italie, invente l'internet et les blogs ainsi qu'un système mondial de climatisation en se projetant en 4338, décrit par le menu l'actuelle crise financière qui aurait déjà ravagé le pays de Benthamie, et imagine ce qui arriverait si une comète s'écrasait sur la Terre. Vladimir Odoievski (1803-1869) est un des maîtres de la littérature russe. Il est pourtant peu connu, tandis que son oeuvre est d'une importance majeure par l'influence qu'elle a eue sur le fantastique et la littérature de son pays. La Cité sans nom regroupe l'intégralité des nouvelles d'Odoievski traduites au XIXe siècle, accompagnées de quelques textes inédits dont pour la première fois en français L'An 4338.
The Book with No Name
Author: Anonymous
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 1843175762
Pages: 448
Year: 2012-04-01
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Detective Miles Jensen is called to the lawless town of Santa Mondega to investigate a spate of murders. This would all be quite ordinary in those rough streets, except that Jensen is the Chief Detective of Supernatural Investigations.The breakneck plot centres around a mysterious blue stone - 'The Eye of the Moon' - and the men (and women) who all want to get their hands on it: a mass murderer with a drink problem, a hit man who thinks he's Elvis, and a pair of monks among them. Add in the local crime baron, an amnesiac woman who's just emerged from a five-year coma, a gypsy fortune-teller and a hapless hotel porter, and the plot thickens fast. Most importantly, how do all these people come to be linked to the strange book with no name? The anonymous, ancient book that no one seems to have survived reading? The Book With No Name is a fast-paced, cinematic page-turner shot through with black humour, which will hold you rapt from its intriguing opening to the dramatic climax. There's only one way to find out what happens when you read the book with no name...
The Adventures of Superhero Girl (Expanded Edition)
Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1630089249
Pages: 128
Year: 2017-06-27
View: 1149
Read: 1002
What if you can leap tall buildings and defeat alien monsters with your bare hands, but you buy your capes at secondhand stores and have a weakness for kittens? Cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks brings charming humor to the trials and tribulations of a young female superhero, battling monsters both supernatural and mundane in an all-too-ordinary world. The expanded edition collects the original Eisner Award-winning comic, two new stories, and new art from creators including Tyler Crook, Ron Chan, Jake Wyatt, Paulina Ganucheau, and more! The first collection won an Eisner Award (Best Publication for Kids) and has gone through 4 printings "This charming modern vision of a Superhero Girl features a young woman living an uncertain life, unsure of the best way to contribute to society. It's superhero as person instead of as corporate symbol or fight machine. We see her struggling with relatable elements of daily life, like keeping her mother informed of how things are going or having to replace her cape after it shrunk in the laundry. One of the best strips has Superhero Girl explaining to a fan how she too can be a superhero without having a horrible tragedy in her past. This strip shines because it's fresh and lighthearted without wallowing in angst. Her arch-nemesis is a normal guy who keeps telling her she's doing it wrong. She struggles to balance her calling with a paying day job but keeps forgetting to take her mask off. Her annoying perfect brother Kevin shows her up, and she struggles with whether to stay hero or take the easier, villainous way to riches. The comic is perfectly suited to Hicks's expressive figures and energetic storytelling. The perfect laugh-filled tonic for heavier angst-filled superhero series." -Publishers Weekly "Have you ever wanted a superhero who lives in your world? If so, you will love Faith Erin Hicks' Eisner-award-winning story of a young woman who happens to be a superhero. " -YALSA The Hub
The Last of Us
Author: Neil Druckmann, Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
ISBN: 1616552123
Pages: 96
Year: 2013
View: 357
Read: 519
Thirteen-year old Ellie meets fellow student Riley at a military school in one of the remaining quarantine zones, the two embark on a trip outside and find themselves confronted by the insurgents, the Fireflies, and the infected.
The Nameless City: The Stone Heart
Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: First Second
ISBN: 1250160928
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-04-04
View: 898
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The Stone Heart is the second book in the Nameless City trilogy from Faith Erin Hicks. Kaidu and Rat have only just recovered from the assassination attempt on the General of All Blades when more chaos breaks loose in the Nameless City: deep conflicts within the Dao nation are making it impossible to find a political solution for the disputed territory of the City itself. To complicate things further, Kaidu is fairly certain he's stumbled on a formula for the lost weapon of the mysterious founders of the City. . . . But sharing it with the Dao military would be a complete betrayal of his friendship with Rat. Can Kai find the right solution before the Dao find themselves at war?
Family Without a Name
Author: Jules Verne
Year: 1963
View: 810
Read: 345

The Nameless City
Author: Faith Erin Hicks
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1626721564
Pages: 240
Year: 2016-04-05
View: 930
Read: 783
Every time it is invaded the City gets a new name, but to the natives in is the Nameless City, and they survive by not letting themselves get involved--but now the fate of the City rests in the hands of Rat, a native, and Kaidu, one of the Dao, the latest occupiers, and the two must somehow work together if the City is to survive.
At the Mountains of Madness
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Publisher: Modern Library
ISBN: 1588364755
Pages: 224
Year: 2005-06-14
View: 562
Read: 269
Introduction by China Miéville Long acknowledged as a master of nightmarish visions, H. P. Lovecraft established the genuineness and dignity of his own pioneering fiction in 1931 with his quintessential work of supernatural horror, At the Mountains of Madness. The deliberately told and increasingly chilling recollection of an Antarctic expedition’s uncanny discoveries–and their encounter with untold menace in the ruins of a lost civilization–is a milestone of macabre literature. This exclusive new edition, presents Lovecraft’s masterpiece in fully restored form, and includes his acclaimed scholarly essay “Supernatural Horror in Literature.” This is essential reading for every devotee of classic terror. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Disney Magical Dance
Author: Nao Kodaka
Publisher: TokyoPop
ISBN: 142785677X
Pages: 192
Year: 2017-06-13
View: 293
Read: 1330
A young girl joins a dancing competition with her fellow students and soon realizes that she has two left feet! She spends a lot of time practicing but is discouraged by her results. Because of the young girl's passion and dedication, Tinker Bell appears to grant her a wish. When Tinker Bell casts a spell on a magical card, the young girl enters the magical world of Disney and learns the joys of dancing!
La Cité sans nom
Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Publisher: Bragelonne
ISBN: 2820523986
Pages: 16
Year: 2015-11-20
View: 1164
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Howard Phillips Lovecraft est sans nul doute l’auteur fantastique le plus influent du XXe siècle. Son imaginaire unique et terrifiant n’a cessé d’inspirer des générations d’écrivains, de cinéastes, d’artistes ou de créateurs d’univers de jeux, de Neil Gaiman à Michel Houellebecq en passant par Metallica. Le mythe de Cthulhu est au cœur de cette œuvre: un panthéon de dieux et d’êtres monstrueux venus du cosmos et de la nuit des temps ressurgissent pour reprendre possession de notre monde. Ceux qui en sont témoins sont voués à la folie et à la destruction. Découvrez ou replongez-vous avec un délice coupable dans les récits les plus emblématiques de ce mythe, qui vous sont proposés à l’unité au sein de la collection Brage... Le mythe de Cthulhu n’a jamais été aussi réel...
Keeper of the Lost Cities
Author: Shannon Messenger
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1442445947
Pages: 488
Year: 2013-08-06
View: 542
Read: 1322
At age twelve, Sophie learns that the remarkable abilities that have always caused her to stand out identify her as an elf, and after being brought to Eternalia to hone her skills, discovers that she has secrets buried in her memory for which some would kill.
The Urantia Book
Author: Urantia Foundation
Publisher: Urantia Foundation
ISBN: 0911560513
Pages: 2097
Year: 2008-06-01
View: 798
Read: 791
Written in the form of a revelation from divine beings, the classic guide to expanding consciousness presents texts discussing God, the universe, angels and other beings, the history of the world, the development of civilization, personal spiritual growth, and the life and teachings of Jesus.
Fridays at Enrico's
Author: Don Carpenter
Publisher: Counterpoint
ISBN: 1619023768
Pages: 352
Year: 2014-04-21
View: 975
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Don Carpenter was one of the finest novelists working in the west. His first novel, A Hard Rain Falling, first published in 1966, has been championed by Richard Price, and George Pelacanos who called it “a masterpiece…the definitive juvenile-delinquency novel and a damning indictment of our criminal justice system,” is considered a classic. His novel A Couple of Comedians is thought by some the best novel about Hollywood ever written. He was a close friend of Evan Connell and other San Francisco writers, but his closest friendship was with Richard Brautigan, and when Brautigan killed himself, Carpenter tried for some time to write a biography of his remarkable, deeply troubled friend. He finally abandoned that in favor of writing a novel. Friday’s at Enricos, the story of four writers living in Northern California and Portland during the early, heady days of the Beat scene. A time of youth and opportunity, this story mixes the excitement of beginning with the melancholy of ambition, often thwarted and never satisfied. Loss of innocence is only the first price you pay. These are people, men and women, tender with expectation, at risk and in love, and Carpenter also carefully draws a portrait of these two remarkable places, San Francisco and Portland, in the 50s and early 60s, when the writers and bohemians were busy creating the groundwork for what came to be the counterculture. Recently discovered in a complete penultimate manuscript, having been lost since the author’s death, we re thrilled to see this book into print. A great champion of Don Carpenter, Jonathan Lethem, has taken on the task of editing and developing this last draft into the shape we imagine Carpenter would have himself accomplished had he lived to see this through. And Lethem provides a wonderful introduction to this book, to Carpenter, and to the broad influence of his work which resonates until this very day.