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La puerta de los tres cerrojos
Author: Sónia Fernández-Vidal
Publisher: Destino Infantil & Juvenil
ISBN: 8408184547
Year: 2018-03-20
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Después de recibir un misterioso mensaje, Niko recorre un nuevo camino para ir al instituto y descubre una casa que no había visto nunca antes. La resolu- ción de un enigma le permite entrar en lo que resultará ser un extraño lugar donde nacen universos, hay un gato que aparece y desparece, y es posible teleportarse. La Puerta de los Tres Cerrojos es la primera novela que explica la física cuántica —de forma divertida y comprensible— a los más jóvenes,una aven- tura cuántica de la que ya han disfrutado 25.000 lectores de todas las edades. «En esta novela, Sonia mezcla, por primera vez, fantasía y física cuántica; y hace que la ciencia sea accesible y atractiva para todos los lectores.» Dr. MUHAMMAD YUNUS (Premio Nobel de la paz)
La puerta de los tres cerrojos 2. La senda de las cuatro fuerzas
Author: Sónia Fernández-Vidal
Publisher: Destino Infantil & Juvenil
ISBN: 8408184555
Year: 2018-03-20
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La Puerta de los Tres Cerrojos, la entrada al mundo cuántico donde vivió aventuras tan inolvidables como extraordinarias, ha desaparecido. Niko no ha sido capaz de volver a encontrarse con sus amigos. Hasta que Quiona, su hada cuántica, reaparece para pedirle ayuda. El joven descubrirá que las leyes de la física se han descontrolado, y de él y sus amigos depende reestablecer el equilibro. En su nueva aventura cuántica deberá someterse a las pruebas de cada una de las fuerzas que rigen nuestro Universo.
La Galera 50: 3 libros en 1
Author: Sonia Fernández-Vidal, Gabriel Janer i Manila, Sebastià Sorribas i Roig
Publisher: La Galera
ISBN: 8424650956
Year: 2014-02-04
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LA GALERA, 50 AÑOS DE GRANDES HISTORIAS La editorial La Galera celebra su 50 aniversario compartiendo con los lectores este pack con tres de las obras más destacadas de su catálogo. El primer título es El zoo de Pitus, de Sebastià Sorribas, ganador del Premio Josep M. Folch i Torres, en 1965, y el gran best-seller de la literatura infantil y juvenil catalana, con más de 100.000 ejemplares vendidos. Curiosamente, ha tenido un éxito similar en Japón, donde lleva vendidos más de 80.000 ejemplares. La puerta de los tres cerrojos es el segundo título, y el gran best-seller de la Galera estos últimos años. Esta obra de Sonia Fernández-Vidal nos enorgullece particularmente porque demuestra que la ficción es un medio perfecto para transmitir la pasión por los conocimientos (en este caso, sobre el increíble mundo de la física cuántica). En nuestro país ya cuenta con 45.000 jóvenes y no tan jóvenes fans, y ha sido traducida, de momento, a 10 idiomas. Y el tercer libro, He jugado con los lobos, es una historia excepcional en más de un sentido. Gabriel Janer Manila fue uno de los primeros autores de la Galera, y en 2009 volvió a ganar el premio Joaquim Ruyra de narrativa juvenil. La novela está inspirada en la historia real de un niño salvaje, que se llevó a la gran pantalla bajo el título «Entre lobos».
La puerta de los tres cerrojos
Author: Sonia Fernández-Vidal
ISBN: 4794968337
Pages: 219
Year: 2013
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Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow
Author: Jessica Townsend
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0316508861
Pages: 480
Year: 2017-10-31
View: 349
Read: 671
An instant New York Times bestseller! "A Harry Potter-esque adventure." --Time Magazine A breathtaking, enchanting new series by debut author Jessica Townsend, about a cursed girl who escapes death and finds herself in a magical world--but is then tested beyond her wildest imagination Morrigan Crow is cursed. Having been born on Eventide, the unluckiest day for any child to be born, she's blamed for all local misfortunes, from hailstorms to heart attacks--and, worst of all, the curse means that Morrigan is doomed to die at midnight on her eleventh birthday. But as Morrigan awaits her fate, a strange and remarkable man named Jupiter North appears. Chased by black-smoke hounds and shadowy hunters on horseback, he whisks her away into the safety of a secret, magical city called Nevermoor. It's then that Morrigan discovers Jupiter has chosen her to contend for a place in the city's most prestigious organization: the Wundrous Society. In order to join, she must compete in four difficult and dangerous trials against hundreds of other children, each boasting an extraordinary talent that sets them apart--an extraordinary talent that Morrigan insists she does not have. To stay in the safety of Nevermoor for good, Morrigan will need to find a way to pass the tests--or she'll have to leave the city to confront her deadly fate. Perfect for fans of the Harry Potter series and Neil Gaiman, this fast-paced plot and imaginative world has a fresh new take on magic that will appeal to a new generation of readers.
Foundations of Mixed Methods Research
Author: Charles Teddlie, Abbas Tashakkori
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 0761930124
Pages: 387
Year: 2009
View: 628
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Foundations of Mixed Methods Research is the first comprehensive textbook on using mixed methods in the social sciences, written by two leading names in the field. Mixed methodology (combining quantitative and qualitative approaches) has become an increasingly popular way of both researching and teaching methodology across the social sciences, and students across these fields are expected to be proficient in both quantitative and qualitative techniques. This text begins with an introduction to and overview of the development of mixed methodology, and then takes students through all aspects of working with mixed methods from research design and data collection through to analysis and conclusions.
The Mysterious Cheese Thief
Author: Geronimo Stilton
Publisher: Turtleback Books
ISBN: 1417796464
Pages: 111
Year: 2007-08-01
View: 251
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When Stilton cheese begins disappearing during Geronimo's trip to England, he decides to track down the thief.
Return to Paradise
Author: Simone Elkeles
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1471119025
Pages: 304
Year: 2013-03-28
View: 374
Read: 480
Caleb Becker left Paradise eight months ago, taking with him the secret he promised to take to his grave. If the truth got out, it would ruin everything. Maggie Armstrong tried to be strong after Caleb broke her heart and disappeared. Somehow, she managed to move on. She's determined to make a new life for herself. But then Caleb and Maggie are forced together on a summer trip. They try ignoring their passion for each other, but buried feelings resurface. Caleb must face the truth about the night of Maggie's accident, or the secret that destroyed their relationship will forever stand between them.
Welcome to Camp Pikachu
Author: Alex Polan
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1510703780
Pages: 112
Year: 2016-03-08
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Think of a Number
Author: John Verdon
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0307588947
Pages: 448
Year: 2010-07-06
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The first book in the Dave Gurney series, Think of a Number is a heart-pounding game of cat and mouse that grows relentlessly darker and more frightening as its pace accelerates Threatening letters arrive in the mail over a period of weeks, ending with a simple declaration: “Think of any number…picture it…now see how well I know your secrets.” Those who comply find that the letter writer has predicted their random choice exactly. But when oddities that begin as a diverting puzzle quickly ignite into a massive serial murder investigation, police are confronted with a baffling killer, one who is fond of rhymes filled with threats and warnings, whose attention to detail is unprecedented, and who has an uncanny knack for disappearing into thin air. Brought in as an investigative consultant, Dave Gurney, a recently retired NYPD homicide investigator, soon accomplishes deductive breakthroughs that leave local police in awe. Yet, even as he matches wits with his seemingly clairvoyant opponent, Gurney’s tragedy-marred past rises up to haunt him, his marriage approaches a dangerous precipice, and he wonders if he’s met an adversary who can’t be stopped. A work that defies easy labels--at once a propulsive masterpiece of suspense and an absorbing immersion in the lives of characters so real we seem to hear their heartbeats--Think of a Number is a novel you’ll not soon forget.
The Adventures of the Black Hand Gang
Author: Hans Jürgen Press
ISBN: 0416581609
Pages: 128
Year: 1976
View: 384
Read: 945
Frank, Angela, Ralph and Keith, known together as the Black Hand Gang, prove their skill as detectives during four exciting episodes in which they uncover a forger, capture a burglar and enlist the aid of the local police when things get a bit sticky. Every story has illustrations which provide the clues discovered by the Gang. All the necessary clues are shown so you can be a detective with them. But you have to be sharp to keep up with the Black Hand Gang! As the Gang tracks down the criminals, you can keep a score of clues you get right and add them up at the end of the book.
The Shadow of the Wind
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101147067
Pages: 512
Year: 2005-01-25
View: 979
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"Gabriel García Márquez meets Umberto Eco meets Jorge Luis Borges for a sprawling magic show." --The New York Times Book Review A New York Times Bestseller Barcelona, 1945: A city slowly heals in the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War, and Daniel, an antiquarian book dealer’s son who mourns the loss of his mother, finds solace in a mysterious book entitled The Shadow of the Wind, by one Julián Carax. But when he sets out to find the author’s other works, he makes a shocking discovery: someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book Carax has written. In fact, Daniel may have the last of Carax’s books in existence. Soon Daniel’s seemingly innocent quest opens a door into one of Barcelona’s darkest secrets--an epic story of murder, madness, and doomed love. “ Anyone who enjoys novels that are scary, erotic, touching, tragic and thrilling should rush right out to the nearest bookstore and pick up The Shadow of the Wind. Really, you should.” --Michael Dirda, The Washington Post "Wonderous... masterful... The Shadow of the Wind is ultimately a love letter to literature, intended for readers as passionate about storytelling as its young hero." --Entertainment Weekly (Editor's Choice) "One gorgeous read." --Stephen King From the Trade Paperback edition.
Quantic Love
Author: Sonia Fernandez-Vidal
ISBN: 607735905X
Pages: 244
Year: 2017-04-01
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Filled with a combination of romance and science, this young adult novel will immediately grasp the reader s attention. Laila Fortuny is a recent high school graduate who would like to continue her studies. However, her parents have unfortunately lost their jobs, so she is forced to pick up waitressing shifts at a restaurant inside of the European Center for Nuclear Research. There she meets Brian, a graduate student who has worked on a military project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. They begin to form a bond, and her new friend promises to let her in on the secrets of quantum physics. Laila is fascinated by this young scientist who appears immune to her charm. While serving hundreds of researchers lunch every day at work, Laila hopes to receive her first kiss. During the most thrilling summer of her life, she learns that science can be sexy and that love is the most powerful energy in the universe."
Author: Gore Vidal
Publisher: Little Brown
ISBN: 034910364X
Pages: 244
Year: 1993
View: 153
Read: 228
When a mortician appears on television to declare that death is infinitely preferable to life, he sparks a religious movement that quickly leaves Christianity and most of Islam in the dust. Now available in a Penguin Classic edition, Gore Vidal's deft and daring blend of satire and prophecy, first published in 1954, eerily anticipates the excesses of Jim Jones, David Koresh, and the Heaven's Gate suicide cult.
Houses Without Doors
Author: Peter Straub
ISBN: 0586212027
Pages: 448
Year: 1991-07-15
View: 1100
Read: 813