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Love Lines
Author: Scribble Sisters
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 142692027X
Pages: 116
Year: 2010-01
View: 682
Read: 1331
Love: [noun] strong affection, devotion, sexual passion, enamored, romance, kinky, ooh, la, la! "Love Lines" - it's all that and more! Scribble Sisters have created this book so that readers can have a place to express and create their own personal romantic journey. This one hundred plus page book is filled with beautiful art, calligraphy, and quotes that show the power and beauty of love. "Love Lines" will appeal to anyone looking for unique quotes about love and life, who want to interactively journal, or is interested in art that enhances and adds depth to words. They believe their readers will find that art and words are a powerful combination. In their own lives, they have experienced the power, the pain, and the comfort of love and have discovered that love sustains.
Love Lines
Author: Diana Nixon
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1329720032
Year: 2015-11-28
View: 834
Read: 963
The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about Dever, a kingdom of mysteries and magic. Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have. Everything changes the day Eileen receives an invitation to join the ranks of Dever’s students. Nothing will ever be the same again... New life, new friends, new enemies... And love so powerful that no magic will be able to destroy...
Love Lines
Author: Alfred Colo, John Offord
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1465332235
Pages: 156
Year: 2009-06-16
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Until something goes wrong, we take our hearts for granted. Heart-Smart-Gurus, inspired by long research, point to that bright red Valentine in our chests, pumping tirelessly and endlessly on our behalf. But one day textbook cardiagram wiggles, veer off the chart and we are pronounced, however gently, cardiologically in-correct. We feel betrayed. We more or less, thought we were doing everything right so, whats gotten into our ticker, that loyal, lifeline friend? Time for one thing, heart sore for another, Hearts are only human after all. Whats a longevity-seeker to do, especially if blessed with enough heart-health insurance to make high-tech opportunities, breakdownaffordable? The concept of preventing heart ache, arresting it, or reversing it, is Valentines number one topic. For me its a question of flat out prevention, to heal the heart emotionally, via a softening process designed to protect the precious pump. Accumulation of blockage is what causes arterial malfunction. Deprived of emotional oxygen, our own hearts cannot dilate freely. Regular exercise may prevent an attack, and insure loves longevity. Superman has nobody, doesnt need a seat belt, nor even a plane. Are you flying solo? Be a friend. Find a lover. No man is an island. A centuries-old someone pointed out: Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief. When needed, good friends give major doses of encouragement on short notice, as do family supporters when trouble finds us. A circle of wagons is a supreme conductor for immediate shelter against stray enemy arrows. The John Wayne, strong, silent type, I dont need anybody and men dont show love mentality, isnt macho, man, but flat out stupid! In this writers paraphrase, Samuel Johnson admonished, If a man does not renew his friendships, and make new acquaintances, he finds himself playing alone as he grows, too-soon old and too-late smart. One must keep friendships in constant repair. Has your friendship grown distant, worn thin, been allowed to slip away? Do a bit of friendship repair with a welcome oil-change, and a few new points and plugs. Invite a friend or lover to do lunch: Whatever it takes, fix it: Whatever it needs, mend it: Whenever it bleeds, move on to a more worthy and willing recipient of your hearts affections. An old Scottish proverb states, He who ceases to be your friend never was a good one. In other words, with friends like you, who needs enemies? While youre at it, start at home with your significant other. Maintain this key friendship when it warrants home-improvement. Remember, your mate reads you like a book, which ought not be a mystery novel. Perhaps you need to uncover the tinfoil to let her read the introduction and to truly reveal your heart, by allowing her not just to scan but to study all its pages. A woman, who is allowed this look-see inside her mates heart, is the one who becomes and remains your life-long best friend, partner and home companion. A Promise Keeper, fueled by faith, fired with compassion and true to God, achieves unconditional passions for love of life, love of wife, of relatives and friends, co-workers, and parishioners, and has love to spare even for enemies. So turn the other cheek. The other kiss may be love-saving. To have a friend is to be one; its the beginning of relationships that lead to loves: paternal, filial, (described as fraternal), as in Philadelphia, (city of brotherly love), and Eros, even if the arrows point in alternate-lifestyle directions, and sex without love or marriage. Agape love, of course, is the ultimate love of our Creator for his Creation, leading to Eternal Love, if you will, that Father-God promises His children. To love one another as He loves us, is not a request, but a command, from the Nurturer who furnishes the glue to make it stick. Can you buy love? Sure, if youre shopping for a convenient kind, tried and untrue. You can only earn respect by modeling love. It is o
Love Lines -The Memory Shells
Author: Simone Gentiletti
Publisher: Youcanprint
ISBN: 8892633198
Pages: 86
Year: 2016-10-24
View: 1164
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Il vento ha una voce diversa per ciascuno di noi, ma guida ognuno laggiù dove si guarda lontano. The wind has, for each of us, a different sigh, yet it moves everybody over there where the sight is wide.
Lovelines: A Collection of Thoughts Bound By Love
Publisher: Movement Love Publishing Company
ISBN: 0972286411
View: 247
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Author: Jagannātha Prasāda Dāsa
Pages: 77
Year: 2001-01-01
View: 286
Read: 582

Love Lines
Author: Betsy Gould Hearne
Publisher: Margaret McElderry
Pages: 66
Year: 1987
View: 905
Read: 272
Fifty-nine poems about love--romantic, friendly, familial--and the loss of love.
Lovelines Lifelines
Author: James O. Beshears, Jim Beshears
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412009944
Pages: 101
Year: 2003-11-01
View: 989
Read: 738
Lifelines Lovelines is a collection of poetry that chiefly entertains and unexpectedly moves the soul. From witty to winsome, Jim's poems provide a look at life through eyes of one who speaks the truth as he sees it. His rhythmic musings can catch you off-guard with subjects ranging from pessimism to love, determination to agnosticism, and from elephants to prunes as the afterlife of plums. Nothing is more stirring, however, than the tender love lines addressed to his beloved, when "Three Dots Upon An Envelope" become a symbol of the many joys they have known. Pride and prejudice have never been more exposed as a thief of peace than in "New Yorkers May Roam Far Afield." and love, fidelity and faith overcome all obstacles to marital happiness in "When You Are Six And Forty." Lovelines Lifelines helps us reflect on life and other things we seldom pause to consider. Refreshing and thought-provoking, this little book will warm your heart and leave you wanting more.
Author: Leslie Concannon
Year: 1993
View: 1008
Read: 853

Love Lines
Author: Karen Shani
ISBN: 1367341779
Year: 2014-08-28
View: 401
Read: 502
illustrated quotations about Love through the ages from the Bible to the Beatles.
Love Lines
Author: Linda Latourelle
Publisher: Bluegrass Books
ISBN: 0976192594
Pages: 114
Year: 2008-07-21
View: 803
Read: 1152
Lovelines is not your ordinary poetry and prose book. Gone are the days of cutting and pasting ho-hum poems and quotes. Decorate your card and layouts with these professionally and artfully styled creations. No need to destroy your investment. Photocopy your favorite poem onto the paper of your choice, sized to fit your needs. Or, Scan and enhance using a painting program. Be creative. Scrapbookers, Stampers and Cardmakers will find this collection an inspiring resource to use time and time again.
Diamond Sky
Author: Diana Nixon
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1482515601
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-07-16
View: 339
Read: 1224
A new page of the Love Lines story that will reveal new secrets and mysteries buried in the walls of Dever. Eileen, Christian and Evan need to find an old spell to protect themselves and those they love from being killed. There is only one problem – no one knows where the spell is hidden…. A mysterious student comes to Dever. A boy whose eyes are always watching. Who is he? What secrets are hidden behind his smiles? Is he a friend or an enemy?...When they thought they knew everything about the super powers they possessed, they could have never imagined that in reality they didn't know a thing. The wind can turn into the worst hurricane they have ever seen. The water can destroy everything. The earth can swallow them alive. And the fire can burn them to ashes…. The illusions - the only thing they tried to run away from, will come back to ruin the world they live in, taking away everything they ever cherished and loved. When you think you are so close to getting what you want, think twice about your every step. Because what you think is the right thing to do may take away your life….
Love Lines
Author: Caroline Plaisted
Publisher: Element Books Limited
ISBN: 1902618777
Pages: 141
Year: 2000
View: 1019
Read: 953
An all girls' guide to first love includes real life stories of that "first kiss", romance advice (including how to love oneself), top 10 love lists, love poems, and more. Original.
Songs of the Wind (Gift Edition)
Author: Diana Nixon
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480247707
Pages: 268
Year: 2012-12-04
View: 593
Read: 1065
Losing Christian hasn't been easy for Eileen. But she's not going to give up. Now she has to find a way to bring him back from the magical dream, where he was taken by Eric Lanster. Together with her friend Evan, Eileen goes to France - Meridin's motherland, where she hopes to find out the mysteries of the dream's magic. In a small town named Fontainbleau they meet a wizard, who turns out to know a lot of their secrets... Determined to help Eileen, Evan agrees to complete some special dream piercing training. But he can't even imagine what he has put himself into. The magic of dreams keeps a lot of secrets. The spells are dangerous and their consequences no one is able to predict. Friends can become enemies.... The ones they used to call their family can become traitors.... But the ones they love will always be there to help....
Love Lines
Author: Tara Shorey
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1983726982
Pages: 96
Year: 2018-01-22
View: 715
Read: 1273
An inspirational 42 page Journey awaits you that will quiet your mind and lift your heart. Explore these whimsical hand drawings of hidden keys, kissing fish, joyful hummingbirds, giving trees, flowers and heart mandalas. Develop your intuitive color harmony and co create with your watercolors, paints, crayons, pencils or markers. Have some fun and let your choice of colors fill you with happiness.