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Almost a Bride
Author: Patricia McLinn
Publisher: Craig Place Books
ISBN: 1939215110
Pages: 256
Year: 2014-03-09
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~~~ Wildflowers have to be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rugged beauty of Wyoming – and so do the women. ~~~ “A don't-miss treat!” -- Rendezvous Dave Currick was everything Matty Brennan wanted for as long as she could remember. Right up until he broke her heart six years ago. Now that she's returned to Wyoming and her small-town home for good, what she wants more than anything is to save her family's ranch. Even if that means swallowing her pride and asking Dave to marry her. Matty's up to something -- Dave knows that much. Just as he knows that Matty needs help, so of course he'll provide it, just as he did all the time they were childhood sweethearts. Doing what's best for Matty is second nature. Even when it comes to agreeing to a marriage of convenience. Although he can't resist one hot-blooded kiss after the I-dos. Maybe -- just maybe -- his Matty will become more to him than Almost a Bride. Almost a Bride is a romantic comedy and the first book in the contemporary western romance collection Wyoming Wildflowers from award-winning and USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn. ~~~ Get all the blooms in the Wyoming Wildflowers Series! Prequel – Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning (Snowberry) *Almost a Bride (Indian Paintbrush) *Match Made in Wyoming (Fireweed) *My Heart Remembers (Bur Marigold) -- A New World (prequel to Jack’s Heart) Jack’s Heart (Yellow Monkeyflower) -- Rodeo Nights (prequel to Where Love Lives) Where Love Lives: The Inheritance (Threadleaf Phacelia) A Cowboy Wedding * Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy Boxed Set (3 Books in 1) Buy the entire Wyoming Wildflowers collection (Books 1-6, plus prequels) for one great price .... Wyoming Wildflowers: The Collection ~~~ Reader Reviews for Patricia McLinn’s Wyoming Wildflowers stories: “Each one was totally different, characters were unique and totally believable!! Enjoy!!! “Amazing and touching story.” “If you love to laugh; love to cry; or love to laugh and cry at the same time, then you'll definitely want to read Almost a Bride.” “Smart, stubborn and irresistible.” “… So enjoyable I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.” “Excellent book! I read it straight in one whole day. Recommend it to anyone!” “Delightful!” “Nothing short of heart consuming and thrilling. I've loved every one and feel like I know the people personally. I can't wait for the next installment.”
A Bride for a Bit
Author: JoAnn A. Grote, Cathy Marie Hake, Janelle Burnham Schneider, Pamela Kaye Tracy
Publisher: Barbour Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1586607987
Pages: 348
Year: 2003
View: 543
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Miscommunication starts a chain of four delightful weddings.
For Susannah
Author: Marilyn Herr
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN: 0821774484
Pages: 302
Year: 2004
View: 1284
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In this exciting historical romance set during the French and Indian War, sparks fly between a young woman journeying to the Pennsylvania frontier, and a handsome English lord who is really a battle-tested soldier in disguise. Original.
Mail Order Outlaw
Author: Cynthia Woolf
Publisher: Firehouse Publishing
ISBN: 1938887603
Pages: 253
Year: 2015-05-08
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Ed Talbot isn’t husband material. He’s an outlaw, was forced into his father’s gang at the age of thirteen, and is wanted Dead or Alive in more than one territory. But now his father is dead, he hates the life, the blood, and his brother’s rages. When a stagecoach robbery goes awry, Ed ends up with a satchel full of charming letters from an enticing young miss. Unfortunately for Miss Lizzie Cobb, her betrothed is now dead, and Ed Talbot sees a way out. Impersonating a fine, upstanding young man shouldn’t be too difficult. Despite the risks, falling in love with her proves to be all too easy. Isolated on her mother’s ranch just outside of Tombstone, Miss Lizzie Cobb doesn’t have the time or the means to find a respectable husband. As a half Apache woman in the Arizona Territory, being a mail order bride seems like the only solution to her problem until she realizes that San Francisco is too far away, and she’ll have to leave her vulnerable mother and baby brother behind. Her solution? Call off the wedding. When her groom shows up on her doorstep, she’s shocked. He’s handsome, strong, and has traveled hundreds of miles to claim her. His kisses inflame her body and his presence soothes her soul. Falling for the rugged man is beyond her control. But the past has a way of catching up to outlaws, and facing the truth is going to be hard…for both of them.
A Mail-Order Heart
Author: Janelle Daniels
ISBN: 0692712275
Pages: 176
Year: 2016-05-16
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Clara Stewart has every intention of marrying Ivan, her mail-order groom, but her plans fall apart when he dies before her arrival-leaving not one fiancee but nine! When the female-starved town offers them Ivan's home and claim, Clara steps forward and promises to do whatever necessary to see to the women's future, regardless of her own attraction to the town's sheriff. Sheriff Sawyer Morrison had one goal: to protect his town. But when nine women arrive, all claiming to be mail-order brides for the same man, his once quiet life is thrown into chaos. Safeguarding them from aggressive suitors is nothing compared to the inner battle he faces over Clara, a woman who heats his blood... but can never be his own. But when Clara is kidnapped by the same person who's sabotaging their mine, Sawyer must choose between the life he knew and the future he craves.
The Accidental Bride
Author: Jane Feather
Publisher: Bantam
ISBN: 0307426157
Pages: 368
Year: 2009-11-04
View: 1119
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Dear Reader, In my "Brides" trilogy, three unconventional young women vow they will never marry--only to be overtaken by destiny. The Accidental Bride could only be the story of Phoebe, the "awkward" one.... For four years, Cato, the Marquis of Granville, had been just another man--the uninteresting, somewhat intimidating husband of Phoebe's older sister. But then her sister died, and Phoebe seemed a reasonable substitute. Her forced engagement to him should have been quite a cold-blooded arrangement...except that one day Phoebe looked at Granville--really looked at him--and saw what she'd never seen before: he was darkly, breathtakingly attractive. Once she'd noticed, she couldn't seem to stop noticing, and suddenly Phoebe was disastrously in love. It would be nothing short of torture to be married to Granville, knowing he didn't love her and never would. After all, Phoebe was not the kind of woman men fell in love with--Phoebe with her untidy hair, her rumpled clothes, and her fingers forever ink-stained from the poetry she wrote. When running away does not solve her problems, Phoebe decides to try something a little different--something that involves a little change in wardrobe, a daring new attitude, and a bit of brazen seduction. Granville is about to discover that his awkward Phoebe is woman enough even for him.... Warmest wishes, Jane Feather P.S. Be sure to watch for Olivia's story, The Least Likely Bride, coming in hardcover in early 2000. From the Paperback edition.
Interviews with Eric Rohmer
Author: Bert Cardullo
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 0956559573
Pages: 291
Year: 2014-08-19
View: 293
Read: 1096
In a career that spanned six decades, Eric Rohmer (1920-2010) earned a reputation as one of France’s most incisive, eloquent, and free-spirited film directors. A leading light of the French New Wave, he crafted films of immense beauty and poetry: throughout his career, his work demonstrated a consistency of style and theme, yet retained a freshness and youthful vigour. His first full-length film, The Sign of Leo, was released in 1959, the same year that Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut had their filmmaking débuts. Soon after, Rohmer began a project that was to take over ten years to complete - his celebrated series of films, Six Moral Tales, outstanding among which are My Night at Maud’s (1969) and Claire’s Knee (1970). After a brief foray into historical drama, Rohmer began another series of films, Comedies and Proverbs, which occupied him for much of the 1980s. Within this series, Pauline at the Beach (1983) and The Green Ray (1986) took a lighthearted look at the French middle class, broaching subjects such as infidelity and promiscuity in the search for everlasting love. The Comedies and Proverbs were followed in the 1990s by Tales of the Four Seasons, each of the four films dealing with emotional isolation, as the central character tries to cope with a recent crisis. The director’s final three films - The Lady and the Duke (2001), Triple Agent (2004), and The Romance of Astrée and Céladon (2007) - show a surprising diversity in technique, although each is fundamentally concerned with the recurring Rohmeresque themes of love and fidelity. Eric Rohmer’s films, modest as they are, are certain to outlive many of today’s mainstream successes, if only because of the love and wisdom with which they were crafted. Rohmer’s own words, preserved in these interviews that span from 1970 to 2009, reveal a critical, reflective sensibility that thoroughly complements the authorial one visualised in his films.
Amelia's Adventure
Author: Dimitrios Spyridon Chytiris
ISBN: 1304523705
View: 1226
Read: 315

Early One Morning
Author: Virginia Baily
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 0316300411
Pages: 400
Year: 2015-09-29
View: 879
Read: 711
Two women's decision to save a child during WWII will have powerful reverberations over the years. Chiara Ravello is about to flee occupied Rome when she locks eyes with a woman being herded on to a truck with her family. Claiming the woman's son, Daniele, as her own nephew, Chiara demands his return; only as the trucks depart does she realize what she has done. She is twenty-seven, with a sister who needs her constant care, a hazardous journey ahead, and now a child in her charge. Several decades later, Chiara lives alone in Rome, a self-contained woman working as a translator. Always in the background is the shadow of Daniele, whose absence and the havoc he wrought on Chiara's world haunt her. Then she receives a phone call from a teenager claiming to be his daughter, and Chiara knows it is time to face up to the past.
The Shape of the Journey
Author: Jim Harrison
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
ISBN: 1619320908
Pages: 484
Year: 2012-12-18
View: 775
Read: 1005
An authoritative, best-selling edition of poetry by acclaimed novelist--now available in paper.
Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765335298
Pages: 432
Year: 2015-10-20
View: 622
Read: 646
Radiance is a decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery set in a Hollywood-and solar system-very different from our own, from Catherynne M. Valente, the phenomenal talent behind the New York Times bestselling The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. Severin Unck's father is a famous director of Gothic romances in an alternate 1986 in which talking movies are still a daring innovation due to the patent-hoarding Edison family. Rebelling against her father's films of passion, intrigue, and spirits from beyond, Severin starts making documentaries, traveling through space and investigating the levitator cults of Neptune and the lawless saloons of Mars. For this is not our solar system, but one drawn from classic science fiction in which all the planets are inhabited and we travel through space on beautiful rockets. Severin is a realist in a fantastic universe. But her latest film, which investigates the disappearance of a diving colony on a watery Venus populated by island-sized alien creatures, will be her last. Though her crew limps home to earth and her story is preserved by the colony's last survivor, Severin will never return. Told using techniques from reality TV, classic film, gossip magazines, and meta-fictional narrative, Radiance is a solar system-spanning story of love, exploration, family, loss, quantum physics, and silent film.
The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn
Author: Lori Benton
Publisher: WaterBrook
ISBN: 0307731502
Pages: 400
Year: 2014-04-15
View: 616
Read: 1260
Frontier dangers cannot hold a candle to the risks one woman takes by falling in love In an act of brave defiance, Tamsen Littlejohn escapes the life her harsh stepfather has forced upon her. Forsaking security and an arranged marriage, she enlists frontiersman Jesse Bird to guide her to the Watauga settlement in western North Carolina. But shedding her old life doesn’t come without cost. As the two cross a vast mountain wilderness, Tamsen faces hardships that test the limits of her faith and endurance. Convinced that Tamsen has been kidnapped, wealthy suitor Ambrose Kincaid follows after her, in company with her equally determined stepfather. With trouble in pursuit, Tamsen and Jesse find themselves thrust into the conflict of a divided community of Overmountain settlers. The State of Franklin has been declared, but many remain loyal to North Carolina. With one life left behind and chaos on the horizon, Tamsen struggles to adapt to a life for which she was never prepared. But could this challenging frontier life be what her soul has longed for, what God has been leading her toward? As pursuit draws ever nearer, will her faith see her through the greatest danger of all—loving a man who has risked everything for her?
Spring for Susannah
Author: Catherine Richmond
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 1595549846
Pages: 352
Year: 2011-06-13
View: 185
Read: 1068
Hundreds of miles from home, Susannah faces an uncertain future as a mail-order bride on the untamed Dakota prairie. When her parents die suddenly, and no suitors call, Susannah resigns herself to the only option available: becoming a mail-order bride. Agreeing to marry her pastor's brother, Jesse, Susannah leaves the only home she's ever known for the untamed frontier of the Dakota Territory. Her new husband is more loving and patient with her than she believes she deserves. Still, there is also a wildness to him that mirrors the wilderness surrounding them. And Susannah finds herself constantly on edge. But Jesse's confidence in her—and his faith in God's perfect plan—slowly begin to chip away at the wall she hides behind. When she miscarries in the brutal Dakota winter, Susannah's fledgling faith in herself and in God begins to crumble. Still, Jesse's love is unwavering. Just when it seems like winter will never end, Susannah finally sees the first tentative evidence of spring. And with it, the realization that more than the landscape has changed. She looks to the future with a renewed heart. Yet in her wildest dreams, she couldn't predict all that awaits her.
Reading lessons from the eighteenth century
Author: Evelyn Arizpe, Morag Styles, Shirley Brice Heath
ISBN: 0955210615
Pages: 244
Year: 2006
View: 599
Read: 884