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Mores Genèse - épisode 1
Author: G. A. O'Neill
Publisher: Albin Michel
ISBN: 2226422552
Pages: 216
Year: 2017-06-06
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Elle est belle, elle est jeune, elle s'appelle Charly et c'est l'un des meilleurs flics du 36 quai des Orfèvres. Sa vie bien réglée vacille lorsque le cadavre du Président de l'Assemblée Nationale est retrouvé dans un club très spécial : Le Mores. Cette affaire, qui touche les plus hauts sommets de l'état, met son patron sous pression. Charly et son coéquipier Anthony découvriront que Mores est bien plus qu'un club libertin et tenteront de percer le secret de son mystérieux tenancier philanthropique.
Genesis 1-4
Author: C. John Collins
Publisher: P&R Publishing
ISBN: 0875526195
Pages: 318
Year: 2006
View: 245
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Much controversy surrounds the opening chapters of Genesis. They are "front-loaded with all manner of vital topics," says C. John Collins, "such as Gods work of creating the world and mankind; what it means to be human; why our present experience is so different from what we find in Genesis 2; how we come to know God and to be sure of his love." Collins employs a literary-theological method informed by contemporary discourse analysis in order to read passages as coherent wholes. He shows how later biblical and intertestamental writers have used Genesis 14, and reflects on how these chapters shape a Christian worldview today.
The Genesis Wave Book One
Author: John Vornholt
Publisher: Star Trek
ISBN: 074341182X
Pages: 320
Year: 2001-04-03
View: 889
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Nearly a century after the destruction of Project Genesis, a solution to overpopulation and food shortages in the Alpha Quadrant that became transformed into an ultimate weapon of annihilation, Genesis is mysteriously reborn , and Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise discover that the fate of the galaxy lies in their hands. Reprint.
Author: Laurence A. Turner
Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press
ISBN: 1906055653
Pages: 234
Year: 2009
View: 522
Read: 1058
Working from the conviction that Genesis can be read as a coherent whole, this commentary foregrounds the sophistication of Hebrew narrative art, in particular its depiction of plot and character, and the interpretative possibilities raised by its intertextuality. Apparently simple and independent episodes emerge as complex and interconnected, constantly challenging readers to readjust their assessments of characters and expectations of plot development. Approaching the text predominantly from the perspective of a 'first-time reader', this commentary underscores the narrative's surprises, ironies and innovations.
Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
Author: T. Desmond Alexander, David W. Baker
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830817816
Pages: 954
Year: 2003-01-13
View: 244
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Examines the major themes of the first five books of the Old Testament.
Author: Christopher R. Smith
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830859659
Pages: 141
Year: 2012-02-06
View: 668
Read: 723
The book of Genesis is one of the most influential writings in history, looked to for centuries to help answer first-order questions of the origin and meaning of human life. This study guide takes you through Genesis as a whole and then helps you understand each of its individual sections as God begins his work of restoring his once-good creation through the family of one man, Abraham. The 36-lesson format is ideally presented for group or individual studies and will evoke deep conversation about all the wonderful themes of Genesis. It will also bring personal growth and life change through a whole new level of understanding and engaging God's Word. The Understanding the Books of the Bible study series helps readers understand the biblical story by not only talking about what the authors wrote, but also how they wrote. Quite often, recognizing whether a passage is poetry, proverb, or history and discerning how the author built his book will unlock its meaning for today's reader.
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Author: Yoshiyuki Sadamato
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
ISBN: 1421578352
Pages: 184
Year: 2015-02-10
View: 502
Read: 1250
Japan's most controversial anime series is over...but not the manga version of Neon Genesis Evangelion! Series co-creator Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's personal interpretation of the Evangelion characters and story is sure to intrigue new and old fans alike. In 2015, the "Angels" have returned, and Shinji Ikari, a fourteen year-old child of the new Earth, is forced by his father Gendo--commander of the secret organization NERV--to pilot the monstrous biomechanical weapon called "Evangelion" to match the Angels' fearsome power... The Third Impact has come. As the unbelievably massive form of Ayanami towers over the Earth, the Instrumentality Project enters its last stages. While the world shudders in terror as it is engulfed in a sea of LCL, Shinji’s consciousness merges with Lilith’s, and he searches his memories for a final understanding of himself and the fate of humanity.
Institute Of Biblical Studies The Book Of Genesis
Author: Terry Puett
ISBN: 1304335534
View: 1040
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Genesis Forty-nine in Its Literary and Historical Context
Author: Raymond De Hoop
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004109137
Pages: 695
Year: 1999
View: 1195
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This book deals with the so-called Blessing of Jacob" (Genesis 49) in all its aspects, discussing philological, literary and historical problems.After an introductory chapter a thoroughly discussed translation of Genesis 49 and an analysis of its poetical structure are presented, followed by the discussion of the genre-definition "tribal saying" (Stammesspruch), and a synchronic and diachronic analysis of Genesis 49 in its literary context (Gen. 47:29-49:33). The remarkable results of this analysis are finally discussed in relation to Israel's history.It is suggested that only part of the "Blessing" functioned within the (originally much shorter) deathbed account (Gen. 47:29-49:33*), reflecting the historical situation of the time of origin. Afterwards it was thoroughly worked up into its present shape to meet the conditions of later political development."
The Genesis of Feynman Diagrams
Author: Adrian Wüthrich
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9048192285
Pages: 210
Year: 2010-09-24
View: 698
Read: 795
In a detailed reconstruction of the genesis of Feynman diagrams the author reveals that their development was constantly driven by the attempt to resolve fundamental problems concerning the uninterpretable infinities that arose in quantum as well as classical theories of electrodynamic phenomena. Accordingly, as a comparison with the graphical representations that were in use before Feynman diagrams shows, the resulting theory of quantum electrodynamics, featuring Feynman diagrams, differed significantly from earlier versions of the theory in the way in which the relevant phenomena were conceptualized and modelled. The author traces the development of Feynman diagrams from Feynman's "struggle with the Dirac equation" in unpublished manuscripts to the two of Freeman Dyson's publications which put Feynman diagrams into a field theoretic context. The author brings to the fore that Feynman and Dyson not only created a powerful computational device but, above all, a new conceptual framework in which the uninterpretable infinities that had arisen in the old form of the theory could be precisely identified and subsequently removed in a justifiable manner.
How to Read Genesis
Author: Tremper Longman III
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830875603
Pages: 193
Year: 2009-09-20
View: 174
Read: 575
Honored in 2006 as a "Year's Best Book for Preachers" by Preaching magazine. Creation in six days Woman from the side of man "Sons of god" taking "daughters of men" A massive disaster and an animal rescue boat of biblical proportions Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and the ongoing saga of a dysfunctional family These are just a few of the episodes that Genesis conjures up. But we miss the point if we focus on what seems strange to us. And we distort the message if we demand that this book answer questions that are strange to it. To read Genesis intelligently, we must consider the questions, the literature and the times in which Genesis was written. In How to Read Genesis Tremper Longman III provides a welcome guide to reading and studying, understanding and savoring this panorama of beginnings--of both the world and of Israel. And importantly for Christian readers, we gain insight into how Genesis points to Christ and can be read in light of the gospel.
The Cost of Survival
Author: J. L. Stowers
ISBN: 069295855X
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-09-28
View: 1201
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The Cost of Survival is a science fiction thriller that takes a deep look into the dark side of human nature.
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310590566
Pages: 832
Year: 2009-12-15
View: 214
Read: 1214
Continuing a Gold Medallion Award-winning legacy, this completely revised edition of The Expositor’s Bible Commentary series puts world-class biblical scholarship in your hands. Based on the original twelve-volume set that has become a staple in college and seminary libraries and pastors’ studies worldwide, this new thirteen-volume edition marshals the most current evangelical scholarship and resources.The thoroughly revised features consist of:• Comprehensive introductions• Short and precise bibliographies• Detailed outlines• Insightful expositions of passages and verses• Overviews of sections of Scripture to illuminate the big picture• Occasional reflections to give more detail on important issues• Notes on textual questions and special problems, placed close to the texts in question• Transliterations and translations of Hebrew and Greek words, enabling readers to understand even the more technical notes• A balanced and respectful approach toward marked differences of opinion
Genesis ; Battle Cry ; Homecoming
Author: Jack McKinney
Publisher: Random House Digital, Inc.
ISBN: 034538900X
Pages: 488
Year: 1994
View: 893
Read: 906
The three popular adventures that launched the Robotech series begin when the Robotech Masters bring their war to Earth and continue with Henry Gloval's command of the SDF-1 and his attempts to escape the Zentraedi pursuers. Original.
Author: Thomas Scott
Year: 1861
View: 996
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