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Occupational Therapy Toolkit
ISBN: 1948726009
Pages: 787
Year: 2018-04
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Fully revised and expanded in 2018. The Occupational Therapy Toolkit 7th edition is a collection of 354 full-page illustrated patient handouts. The handouts are organized by 97 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice. This 787 page practical resource is the BEST resource for every therapist working with physical disabilities, chronic conditions or geriatrics.
Occupational Therapy Toolkit
ISBN: 1948726025
Year: 2018-04
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The Occupational Therapy Toolkit is a collection of 354 full-page illustrated patient handouts. The handouts are organized by 97 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice. This 787 page practical resource is the BEST resource for every therapist working with physical disabilities, chronic conditions or geriatrics.
Occupational Therapy Toolkit
ISBN: 1948726068
Year: 2013-08-21
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The Occupational Therapy Toolkit (6th edition) is a collection of 283 full-page illustrated patient education handouts that you can copy and give to your patients. The handouts are organized by 85 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice. This 630 page practical resource is is simply the BEST resource for every therapist working with physical disabilities and older adults.
Occupational Therapy in Home Health Care
Author: Catherine Verrier Piersol, Phyllis L. Ehrlich
Publisher: Pro Ed
Pages: 172
Year: 2009
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Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam: 45 Days and Counting
Author: Rosanne Dizazzo-Miller, Fredrick D. Pociask, Tia Hughes
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1284072452
Pages: 688
Year: 2016-10-14
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Preparing for the Occupational Therapy National Board Exam: 45 Days and Counting is a comprehensive overview for occupational therapy students preparing to take the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT) exam.
Occupational Therapy Toolkit TE
ISBN: 1948726033
Year: 2018-04
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The Occupational Therapy Toolkit is a collection of 354 full-page illustrated patient handouts. The handouts are organized by 97 treatment guides and are based on current research and best practice. This 787 page practical resource is the BEST resource for every therapist working with physical disabilities, chronic conditions or geriatrics.
Occupational Therapy and Dementia Care
Author: Laura N. Gitlin, Mary A. Corcoran
Publisher: Amer Occupational Therapy Assn
ISBN: 1569002037
Pages: 303
Year: 2005-01-01
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This book presents the Home Environmental Skill-Building Program (ESP) and is designed principally for occupational therapists.
Occupational Analysis and Group Process1
Author: Jane Clifford O'Brien, Jean W. Solomon
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
ISBN: 0323084648
Pages: 223
Year: 2012-10-01
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Get the best instruction on occupational analysis, group process, and therapeutic media - all from one book! Using a matter-of-fact style to share their experiences, successes, and failures, expert authors Jane Clifford O'Brien and Jean W. Solomon provide you with effective therapeutic media; sample activity analyses useful in current health care contexts; practical guidance in play, leisure, and social participation areas of occupation; strategies for effective group management and processes; and overviews of theories supporting best practice. Comprehensive Content covers the material taught in group process and occupational analysis courses thoroughly and completely for the OTA. Logically organized content that's written in a matter-of-fact style helps students better understand and retain information. Clinical pearls emphasize the practical application of the information for the students. Therapeutic Media are tried and true methods pulled from the author's extensive experience. Case studies appear at appropriate locations throughout the text to show the students how to apply the content to their work.
Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions
Author: Jenny Preston, Judi Edmans
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118936132
Pages: 232
Year: 2016-03-22
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While diagnosis with a neurological condition may not be life-threatening, it can have significant impact on everyday life and on participation in activities. Occupational therapists must be able to fully consider the physical, cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioural problems which may occur as a consequence of a neurological disorder, and understand the impact of diagnosis from a person-centred perspective. Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions incorporates theoretical, clinical and research evidence to support occupational therapists in the management of people with neurological conditions. Covers the key symptoms of neurological conditions and the biological basis of these within the ICF framework Provides an overview of therapy and management for all neurological conditions Includes key occupational therapy theory Case studies root concepts in real-life practice End-of-chapter self-evaluation questions help test understanding Occupational Therapy and Neurological Conditions is the ideal resource to support students, newly-qualified practitioners, and occupational therapists looking for an overview or introduction to this key area of practice.
Case Studies Through the Healthcare Continuum
Author: Patricia Halloran, Nancy A. Lowenstein
Publisher: SLACK Incorporated
ISBN: 1556424051
Pages: 323
Year: 2000-01-01
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This phenomenal new text focuses on assisting students in learning that there can be many possible choices in the clinical decision making process, and that these different choices can lead to many equally successful outcomes. Case Studies Through the Health Care Continuum: A Workbook for the Occupational Therapy Student is an entire book of case studies of adults with physical and psychological deficits. Each case study is followed by questions, organized around performance areas and performance components, treatment planning and discharge planning areas. The questions are designed to encourage clinical thinking about the cases. The cases encompass a variety of diagnoses and take place in a variety of health care arenas. By using case studies, students will begin to, and advance, their thinking process before directly dealing with clients. The cases are comprehensive and well thought out, and the questions provide a good starting point for processing and guiding critical thinking. This exceptional text can be used in almost every course in the curriculum!
Occupational Therapy Intervention Resource Manual
Author: Denise Chisholm, Cathy D. Dolhi, Jodi Schreiber
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1401815367
Pages: 240
Year: 2004
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Providing true occupation-based intervention can often be overwhelming and time consuming for practitioners in today's fast paced health care industry. The solution is Occupational Therapy Intervention Resource Manual, which provides practical strategies for generating and implementing occupation-based treatment plans in everyday practice. Occupational Therapy Intervention Resource Manual is designed to help practioners develop and engage clients in treatment programs that are individualized, meaningful, and oriented toward the clients' occupations and occupational performance. The authors have identified strategies and have developed tools that enable practitioners to critically evaluate and refine their own practice, as well as assist those whom they supervise, mentor, and teach.
Interventions, Effects, and Outcomes in Occupational Therapy
Author: Mary C. Law, Mary Ann McColl
Publisher: SLACK Incorporated
ISBN: 1556428804
Pages: 367
Year: 2010
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Occupational therapists are expected to maintain their knowledge of best practice by independently keeping up to date on the latest research. With this work, the authors have assembled the evidence for effectiveness of occupational therapy for adults and older adults. It brings together the latest published peer-reviewed literature, conceptual approaches, outcome measures, and intervention approaches to address the three main areas by: Identifying a finite set of interventions which occupational therapists deliver most often, and providing details of those intervention approaches; Identifying where the research evidence shows that occupational therapists can achieve specific positive effects as a result of those interventions; Identifying the outcome measures most commonly and reliably used by researchers in occupational therapy to demonstrate the effects of interventions. The authors have comprehensively reviewed all of the intervention effectiveness literature for occupational therapy provided for adults. The material reviewed crosses all diagnostic categories and areas of practice for adults and older adults. Analysis of over 500 research studies and systematic reviews form the basis for this book.
Occupational Therapy in Acute Care
Author: Helene Smith-Gabai
Publisher: American Occupational Therapy Association, Incorporated
ISBN: 1569002711
Pages: 754
Year: 2011
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Occupational therapy is an allied health profession with an underlying belief that engaging in occupations promotes both health and wellness. This comprehensive text lays the foundation for occupation-based practice and addresses the contextual issues of working within the acute care setting. The chapters help to demystify medical conditions and issues routinely encountered by occupational therapists working in this practice area. Detailed research covers the importance of occupational therapists' knowledge of how diseases affect the human body, including the cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine systems. Chapters review the evaluation process, including chart review, measures, and interpretations and recommendations for intervention to ensure the ultimate level of independence for each patient. Occupational Therapy in Acute Care is designed specifically for therapists working in a hospital setting to acquire better knowledge of the various body systems, common conditions, diseases, and procedures. Students and educators will find this new publication to be the most useful text available on the topic. The book features color illustrations of the human body's systems and functions, as well as tables delineating the signs and symptoms for various diseases. HIGHLIGHTS include: * Evaluation of the Acute Care Patient * The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) * The Cardiac System * The Vascular System * The Pulmonary System * The Nervous System * Orthopedics and Musculoskeletal Disorders * The Endocrine System * The Gastrointestinal System * The Genitourinary System * Oncology * Infectious Diseases and Autoimmune Disorders * Dysphagia * Transplantation * Burns * Appendices -- Common diagnostic tests, medications, deconditioning and immobility, energy conservation, patients with altered mental status, low vision, bariatrics, vertigo, safe patient handling, pain management, evidence-based practice, ethics, discharge planning, blood disorde
Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools
Author: Ina Elfant Asher
Publisher: Amer Occupational Therapy Assn
ISBN: 1569002363
Pages: 787
Year: 2007-01
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Nearly 400 instruments are reviewed in this third edition of Occupational Therapy Assessment Tools, including many developed by occupational therapists. An international team of academicians, clinicians, researchers, and advanced-degree candidates working in various practice arenas collaborated on this update. The assessment profiles--which include title, authors, format, purpose, population, time required to administer, setting or position, materials or tools, brief description, interpretation, reliability and validity, source, additional references, cost, and ample-- will be useful to clinicians and students, who must choose appropriate tools for clinical practice; to educators, who select assessment procedures for the classroom; and to esearchers, who will find instruments that are designed for research purposes or will benefit from further investigation. Another major change in this new edition is the incorporation of the language, terminology, and organization of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework. Other improvements include a matrix of all assessments, showing content areas and age ranges of each instrument. Most exciting is the accompanying searchable CD-ROM, which offers readers quick, easy access to the entire text. -- Publisher's website
The Essential Guide for Newly Qualified Occupational Therapists
Author: Ruth Parker, Julia Badger
Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
ISBN: 1784505587
Pages: 216
Year: 2018-04-19
View: 1001
Read: 658
Starting out in practice can be difficult and confusing. This guide for newly qualified occupational therapists provides an authoritative overview of what to expect in your role and work settings, and is full of practical guidance on how to make a good start to a successful practice. With chapters by experienced practitioners in the field, it offers insights into work in paediatrics, mental health, learning disability and the acute hospital setting. Vital information is also included on difficult aspects of practice such as legislation and data protection. It signposts sources for support and resources for furthering techniques in individual areas of work. Most importantly, the book offers tips for managing a busy workload, while building the positive relationships and resilience needed for a successful career in the occupational therapy.