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Rubens, l'Homère de la peinture
Author: Marion Hallet, 50 minutes,
Publisher: 50 Minutes
ISBN: 2806257948
Pages: 40
Year: 2014-12-09
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Décryptez l'art de Rubens en moins d'une heure ! Chantre par excellence du baroque flamand, Rubens déploie un art flamboyant où courbes sensuelles, mouvements tumultueux et couleurs chatoyantes se marient à merveille. Auteur d'une œuvre colossale où se devine l'empreinte des maîtres italiens, Rubens est un travailleur acharné doté de nombreux talents. Sa production, aussi fascinante qu'éclectique, aborde divers genres picturaux, mais c'est à la peinture d'histoire que le maître accorde sa préférence, réalisant des compositions grandioses et spectaculaires. Ce livre vous permettra d'en savoir plus sur : - Le contexte politique et culturel dans lequel Rubens s'inscrit - La vie de l'artiste et son parcours - Les caractéristiques et spécificités de son art - Une sélection d'œuvres-clés de Rubens - Son impact dans l'histoire de l'art Le mot de l'éditeur : « Dans ce numéro de la série "50MINUTES | Artistes", Marion Hallet aborde la vie et l'œuvre d'un artiste qui met son art au service de l'Église catholique, exaltant la foi dans des œuvres monumentales telles que La Descente de Croix, une toile majeure que l'auteure analyse de manière particulièrement détaillée. Marion Hallet se penche également sur les sujets mythologiques et les portraits peints par Rubens, tels que L'Enlèvement des filles de Leucippe ou le célèbre Portrait équestre du duc de Lerme, qui figurent parmi ses plus grands chefs-d'œuvre. » Stéphanie Felten À PROPOS DE LA SÉRIE 50MINUTES | Artistes La série « Artistes » de la collection « 50MINUTES » aborde plus de cinquante artistes qui ont profondément marqué l'histoire de l'art, du Moyen Âge à nos jours. Chaque livre a été conçu à la fois pour les passionnés d'art et pour les amateurs curieux d'en savoir davantage en peu de temps. Nos auteurs analysent avec précision les œuvres des plus grands artistes tout en laissant place à toutes les interprétations.
One for the Money
Author: Janet Evanovich
ISBN: 0141029935
Pages: 891
Year: 2006
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One for the money : "Stephanie Plum is down on her luck. She's lost her job, her car's on the brink of repossession, and her apartment is fast becoming furniture-free." Two for the dough : "Kenny Nacusi shot his childhood buddy Moogey Bues in the knee and then jumped bail. Now bounty hunter extraordinaire Stephanie Plum is on the case to track Kenny down." Three to get deadly : " Cuddly Mo Bedemier, Trenton's favourite ice-cream seller, has gone missing. Stephanie Plum, carbohydrates' biggest fan, needs to trackhim down. But its not rasberry ripple she's after. Mo's jumped bail, and Stephanie's job is bounty-hunting." -- back cover.

Orpheus in the Underworld
Author: Yvan Pommaux
Publisher: Toon Graphics
ISBN: 1614795002
Pages: 56
Year: 2016-08-15
View: 435
Read: 964
When his bride Eurydice is killed by a snake on their wedding night, Orpheus decides to go seek her in the Underworld, where no mortal has ever gone before. This graphic novel retells the age-old myth in a new way that's eminently relatable to young readers. Through its compelling story, epic illustrations, and carefully researched approach, it earns its place in the canon. Aligned to Common Core State Standards and correlated to state standards. Spotlight is a division of ABDO.
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Claude Lorrain, 1600-1682
Author: Claude Lorrain, Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts (U.S.), National Gallery of Art (U.S.)
Pages: 91
Year: 1984
View: 564
Read: 175

History of English Literature
Author: Hippolyte Taine
Year: 1897
View: 189
Read: 674

Great Ballet Prints of the Romantic Era
Author: Parmenia Migel
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486240509
Pages: 109
Year: 1981
View: 805
Read: 1280
Sumptuous collection of historic prints from years 1830 to 1860. Taglioni, Elssler, Grisi, other stars by such artists as Chalon, Grevedon, Deveria, and more. Introduction, captions, bibliography.
The Moment of Caravaggio
Author: Michael Fried
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691147019
Pages: 304
Year: 2010-08-17
View: 187
Read: 1269
This is a groundbreaking examination of one of the most important artists in the Western tradition by one of the leading art historians and critics of the past half-century. In his first extended consideration of the Italian Baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1573-1610), Michael Fried offers a transformative account of the artist's revolutionary achievement. Based on the A. W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts delivered at the National Gallery of Art, The Moment of Caravaggio displays Fried's unique combination of interpretive brilliance, historical seriousness, and theoretical sophistication, providing sustained and unexpected readings of a wide range of major works, from the early Boy Bitten by a Lizard to the late Martyrdom of Saint Ursula. And with close to 200 color images, The Moment of Caravaggio is as richly illustrated as it is closely argued. The result is an electrifying new perspective on a crucial episode in the history of European painting. Focusing on the emergence of the full-blown "gallery picture" in Rome during the last decade of the sixteenth century and the first decades of the seventeenth, Fried draws forth an expansive argument, one that leads to a radically revisionist account of Caravaggio's relation to the self-portrait; of the role of extreme violence in his art, as epitomized by scenes of decapitation; and of the deep structure of his epoch-defining realism. Fried also gives considerable attention to the art of Caravaggio's great rival, Annibale Carracci, as well as to the work of Caravaggio's followers, including Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi, Bartolomeo Manfredi, and Valentin de Boulogne.
The romance of Horn
Author: Thomas ((Anglo-Norman poet)), Thomas Bertram Wallace Reid
Pages: 257
Year: 1955
View: 437
Read: 875

Vaugelas and the Development of the French Language
Author: Wendy Ayres-Bennett
Publisher: MHRA
ISBN: 0947623132
Pages: 279
Year: 1987
View: 227
Read: 1026

Jules Verne
Author: William Butcher
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 1560259043
Pages: 369
Year: 2007
View: 998
Read: 963
Highly readable narrative of a writing phenomenon. The world’s most translated best-selling writer.
Loie Fuller, Goddess of Light
Author: Richard Nelson Current
ISBN: 1555533094
Pages: 400
Year: 1997-01
View: 270
Read: 1274
Profiles the dancer who broke the mold of traditional choreography and paved the way for other pioneers in modern dance
French Painting and Revolution, 1774-1795
Author: William Olander
Pages: 643
Year: 1983
View: 916
Read: 753