Under His Wing

Author: Mandy M. Roth
Publisher: Raven Happy Hour
Format: PDF, ePub
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As a warrior and prized soldier for the Royal Hawks, Gardelle is known to be fierce and loyal. This immortal bird-shifter gave up the life of a bachelor to raise his niece and now that she's mated to the future king of the falcons, he's been able to focus on his commitments to his people and the men who serve under him. He doesn't have time for dating--besides, that is something humans do. Not bird-shifters. And he spent enough time living among humans to know he doesn't want to return to it. Yet, the pull to one human in particular is too much for him to resist. When he learns she's been marked by his sworn enemies, he'll do whatever it takes to keep her safe and under his wing. genre: bird shifter, shifter, alpha male, birds, paranormal, fated mates, king, royalty

Mated on Hades

Author: Golden Angel
ISBN: 9781983304170
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Celestial Mates agency always knows what - or who - you need. Tarrik would do anything to avoid breaking his mother's heart, so he begrudgingly signs up for Celestial Mates and agrees to come home and settle down once the agency finds his match. There's just one catch: he's not ready to give up his free and easy life traveling the galaxy. And he's doing exactly as his mother asked, so what will it hurt if he makes himself as unappealing as possible on his mate application? Juliette is a woman on the run. Her attitude, and more importantly her hacking skills, have pissed off all the wrong people. Now the target of a contract hit, she's decided the solution to her problems is to leave the planet as fast as she can. The Celestial Mates program is exactly what she needs. By the time her "mate" realizes she's impossible to live with, hopefully it will be safe for her to return to earth. She wasn't counting on a seriously hot alien who looked like the devil and could do the most sinful things with his tail...The sparks fly at first meeting when their chemistry ignites. But they can barely stand to be in the same room with each other. They shouldn't work at all. But Celestial Mates always knows best.


Author: Layla Nash
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545447840
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Isla Lennox is the best interpreter aboard the Alliance ship Argo -- if the captain would ever give her a chance to do her job. When he finally does, Isla's big break turns into chaos and panic as she and all the female crew members are traded to an alien ship in exchange for the Argo's safe passage. The giant Xaravian warriors are intimidating, covered in scales, and... way too attractive. Isla and her friends won't surrender quietly, but it seems like the Xaravians are looking forward to that kind of fight. The moment Vaant sees the beautiful, sassy interpreter, he knows he can't leave her in danger. She thinks he's a pirate and a dangerous rebel -- and that he bought her and her friends. Vaant must prove his honorable intentions, even as her flashing eyes and curvy figure drives him mad with desire. He'll even endanger his ship and go to the edge of the universe to keep her safe. When her former captain frames Vaant for destroying an innocent ship and murdering another crew, Isla must face that the Alliance she served so proudly is not what it seems. Starting a new life as a rebel with Vaant sounds more and more appealing, but first they'll have to fight through half the Alliance fleet, escape a crumbling space station, and find love among the stars.

Dragon Warrior

Author: Meagan Hatfield
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1426860994
Format: PDF
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Dragon warrior Kestrel Grey fought the vampire horde for centuries without suffering an injury, until a devastating battle landed him in the care of empath and healer Sparrow Rose. Curing Kestrel was Sparrow's chance to prove herself and save the man she had admired for years--but innocent Sparrow wasn't ready for the powerful desire that overtook them as part of the healing process...and the tender feelings that followed. But Kestrel was still determined to resume his dangerous mission. Sparrow would do anything to save him--including take him to bed....

The Dragon s Surrogate

Author: Angela Foxxe
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781518788741
Format: PDF, Docs
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When Tasha applied to be surrogate mother for a wealthy client she was just seeking a huge payout for 9 months of work but she was set to get much more than she bargained for. Tasha had no idea that her client was not even human. He was actually a dragon shifter who desired an heir to carry on his bloodline. This was an arrangement that was not without its complexities but the reward made it more than worth her while. However, the situation became even more complex when Tasha finally came to face to face with her client and discovered that he was the most handsome man she had ever met in her life and he was about to steal her heart....

To Find a Mate

Author: Krystal Shannan
Publisher: Moonbound Books
ISBN: 153089512X
Format: PDF
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He’s nursing a broken heart, and he’s her first love… she just needs to tell him... Everyone in Adam VonBrandt’s world seems to have found their mate. Except him. With several families of wolves in town for a moon run, there have never been so many choices. Surely, he can find a mate among all those single women. Paige Wheeler sees the big, smiling rancher every Friday morning for six years. When her boss gives her one Friday off, she has to find a way to get into the bakery. Doesn’t everyone know she needs to see Adam every week? But when she starts blathering about hallucinating a couple of werewolves, she becomes Adam’s biggest priority. He just has to get his hands on her...

Red Hot Dragon

Author: Lolita Lopez
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1455547050
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Griffin Cadogan is surprised when Avani Monroe, the sworn enemy of his dragon family, walks into his gym. With his mating phase approaching, the dragon shifter wonders why she risks coming into enemy territory. Yet the dark-eyed temptress shocks him even more with an outrageous demand: She wants him to help her have a baby. After her mother's dragon line was annihilated by the Knights, Avani vows to continue her unique dragon breed-and the registries indicate that Griffin is the best candidate. Determined to mate, Avani plans to use her seductive beauty and powerful scent to entice Griffin. The big, strong Welsh man will make for a fitting partner . . . if he doesn't kill her first. When they spar over the terms of her proposal, Griffin and Avani can't deny the intense, primal attraction they feel for each other. But as they become closer to creating a child, the lovers can hear danger encircle them as loud as the clapping of wings. The dragon slayers are coming . . .and they're gunning for Griffin, Avani, and the entire dragon race. 25,000 words.

Alien Mate

Author: Cara Bristol
Publisher: Cara Bristol
ISBN: 0996839046
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Falsely convicted of a crime, I'm sentenced to life as a mail-order bride to an alien. I'm Starr Elizabeth Conner. Earth's government falsely convicted me of a crime, packed me on a ship with other female felons, and sent us to Dakon, a primitive, frozen wasteland of a planet. But I'm no barbarian’s 'mail order bride,' even if he is super tall, muscular, and the chief of his tribe. He doesn’t want a BBW blonde, either--it's written all over his chiseled face. He'll be truly angry if he ever learns what my 'crime' was. I am Torg. I have waited 34 rotations for a mate of my own. With this shipment, I was sure to get a fine, sturdy mate who'll bear me many daughters. Instead, I receive a small, curvy, pale-haired female who looks at me with anger and fear. It is only when we 'kiss' that I believe things may work out between us. But I'm hearing rumors that Starr and her shipmates are law-breakers. To survive, Dakonians must obey all laws … or be exiled into the frozen wasteland. Just when I have found her, will I have to banish my mate?

The Lion Gene

Author: Amira Rain
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545234600
Format: PDF, Kindle
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What if you woke up tomorrow and discovered you could turn into a Lion? Hannah Erickson was just a normal girl living a normal life. But that life was turned upside down the moment she found herself kidnapped and told she was a carrier of "The LION Gene." A rare gene that gave her the ability to turn into a Lioness. Now, she is in the custody of handsome WereLion commander Joshua Scott who claims they have important work to do. First job, is to bring the inner lion out of her. And he knows how to do that, in more ways than one...