Shattered Lives 2

Author: T. M. Pigatt
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781721778874
Format: PDF, Docs
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From the very beginning, Charles knew what he wanted.His desire was Samantha Clarkson. It didn't matter to him the cost, or the hurdles he had to overcome, he wasn't going to let her deny him. Now, that the skeletons she had been hiding has come to light, will Charles stand by Sam's side? Samantha Clarkson felt an attraction to Charles Maxwell that shock her at the core. Never did she think that the invisible scars she had been carrying would heal enough to let her love again. Now that the flames of passion has been ignited between them, will it be enough to survive the monster from Samantha's past?

Jesus Greatest Moments

Author: Mark Ashton
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310867819
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Reality Check series makes just one assumption: that you’re serious enough about your spiritual journey to investigate Christianity with an open mind. This isn’t about joining anyone’s religious club—it’s about being real with yourself and with the others in your group. Since no one has all the answers, there’s plenty of room for discussion. After all, if there is any truth to the Bible’s stories about Jesus, then one thing he’d welcome are questions and opinions that come from honest, earnest hearts.Never has one week made such a far-reaching difference. It began with the applause of the masses for their controversial hero. It darkened into betrayal, a kangaroo court, and a brutal execution. And it concluded with an event so stunning that it has shaped history ever since: the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. As you relive the dramatic highs and lows of this unparalleled week, you’ll discover why Jesus was far more than a great moral teacher—and why, among all other religious leaders, Jesus stands without equal.Jesus’ Greatest Moments includes these sessions: The Grand Entrance Betrayed by a Friend Framed!? A Dramatic Crisis The Comeback! A Startling ImpactFor the Group LeaderReality Check is for spiritual seekers of every persuasion. Uncompromisingly Christian in its perspective, it steers wide of pat answers and aims at honesty. This innovative and thought-provoking series will challenge you and those in your group to connect heart to heart as together you explore the interface between Jesus, the Bible, and the realities of this world in which we live.

Shattered Voices

Author: Teresa Godwin Phelps
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812237979
Format: PDF, Docs
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Following periods of mass atrocity and oppression, states are faced with a question of critical importance in the transition to democracy: how to offer redress to victims of the old regime without perpetuating cycles of revenge. Traditionally, balance has been restored through arrests, trials, and punishment, but in the last three decades, more than twenty countries have opted to have a truth commission investigate the crimes of the prior regime and publish a report about the investigation, often incorporating accounts from victims. Although many praise the work of truth commissions for empowering and healing through words rather than violence, some condemn the practice as a poor substitute for traditional justice, achieved through trials and punishment. There has been until now little analysis of the unarticulated claim that underlies the truth commissions' very existence: that language--in this case narrative stories--can substitute for violence. Acknowledging revenge as a real and deep human need, Shattered Voices explores the benefits and problems inherent when a fragile country seeks to heal its victims without risking its own future. In developing a theory about the role of language in retribution, Teresa Godwin Phelps takes an interdisciplinary approach, delving into sources from Greek tragedy to Hamlet, from Kant to contemporary theories about retribution, from the Babylonian law codes to the South African Truth and Reconciliation Report. She argues that, given the historical and psychological evidence about revenge, starting afresh by drawing a bright line between past crimes and a new government is both unrealistic and unwise. When grievous harm happens, a rebalancing is bound to occur, whether it is orderly and lawful or disorderly and unlawful. Shattered Voices contends that language is requisite to any adequate balancing, and that a solution is viable only if it provides an atmosphere in which storytelling and subsequent dialogue can flourish. In the developing culture of ubiquitous truth reports, Phelps argues that we must become attentive to the form these reports take--the narrative structure, the use of victims' stories, and the way a political message is conveyed to the citizens of the emerging democracy. By looking concretely at the work and responsibilities of truth commissions, Shattered Voices offers an important and thoughtful analysis of the efficacy of the ways human rights abuses are addressed.

Secret Agents Secret Lives 2 Expendable

Author: Narrelle M Harris
Publisher: Clan Destine Press
ISBN: 098755395X
Format: PDF, Docs
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Secret Agent Martine and her spymaster lover, Philip Marsden, are back in action and on the trail of international bad guy Bartos Rigo. Will they have to compromise their love or their honour to get the job done?

Broken English

Author: Marita A. Hansen
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534949997
Format: PDF, Mobi
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For me, the name Dante conjured up two images. The first was the epic depictions of Hell from Dante's Inferno, with people burning for their sins. The second image was a sexual depiction. I don't know where it came from, but as far back as I can remember, I had always associated the name Dante with a beautiful and sexy man. I'd imagined a dark-haired, dark-eyed, gorgeous lothario, the type who could capture a woman's heart with just one look. Dante was the Fabio of my generation, the heartthrob that got women's hearts beating fast, made us want this man to rip our clothes off and to throw us onto the bed. Little did I know that the Dante that walked into my life was very different from the one I'd imagined. Oh, he was dark-haired, dark-eyed, gorgeous, even a lothario ... just ... he wasn't a man. He was a fifteen-year-old boy who was going to send me to the Hell his namesake had written about. And I was his teacher.

Shattered Lies

Author: Kathleen Brooks
Publisher: Laurens Publishing
ISBN: 1943805156
Format: PDF
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The time has come to step out of the shadows . . . Valeria McGregor was a better shot, a better fighter, and smarter than everyone she’d ever gone up against as an agent for the DEA. Then she’d uncovered illegal activity within her own organization and was fired as part of a cover-up. That was how she’d joined the secret group who reports only to the president. Valeria fully plans to find the men and women hell bent on ruling the world from the shadows, but she also has revenge on the mind. Valeria left the secret team thinking she could go undercover and get to the bottom of how this shadow group was funded. Valeria discovered too late that when it comes to true evil, it’s best to face it with your team at your back. Alone and on the run, Valeria is being hunted by some of the most dangerous people on the planet. She has learned how the shadow group has been funded and what they have planned next, but she still has to find out where. If the shadow group pulls it off, then there may be no stopping them. Desperate to escape, Valeria calls her team only to find they aren’t close enough to help her. Grant Macay, a trusted Air Force Pararescueman, is brought into the fold and sent to rescue Valeria. With her past at the DEA alive and threatening her survival, and the world’s most vicious drug lord hunting her, Valeria and Grant must make their way back to the team to prepare for the battle of their lives.

Women Leaders in Higher Education

Author: Tanya Fitzgerald
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135048665
Format: PDF, Docs
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Leadership in universities is physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding work. It involves multiple and complex tasks and responsibilities such as staff management, strategic management, operational planning, financial and resources management, policy development, quality assurance processes, improving student outcomes, and engaging with community and the professions/industry. Leadership is not simply the act of being a leader, it is the act of leadership that projects ‘success’ and ‘desirable’ attributes. Leadership has the capacity to be deeply seductive yet it is not an immediately attractive option for women, particularly for those who carry the burden of family and domestic responsibilities, for whom finding a space for leading is no easy task. Yet despite the almost pessimistic research evidence, women are in senior leadership positions in higher education, however precarious their numbers. There can be little doubt that universities benefit from diversity in their student and staff population This book addresses the central questions; Who are the women who survive and occupy elite leadership roles in universities? How might their leadership be shaped by and a consequence of institutional climate? What strategies do they learn and adopt and how do they lead and manage their female colleagues? What about those women who do not ‘fit’ the gender script? The chapters overview the changing policy landscape in higher education; provide a critical commentary on the interplay between gender, leadership, higher education, and organisational diversity, and draw on education and critical management literatures in order to offer a broader understanding of gender and elite leadership; This book will be essential reading for anyone involved or interested in higher education policy and management, academic leadership, organisational diversity and gender studies.

Broken Legacy

Author: Colleen Connally
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781482699159
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lord Gerard Lenister needed the lady...after their meeting, he wanted her. For seventeen years Lady Eloise Granville lived in France thinking herself a bastard. Not until her life was threatened did her father cross the English Channel to reclaim her as his legitimate daughter. Now four years later a revolution roars its ugly head in France. Rumors abound of Lady Eloise's life before her emergence in England...rumors that link her to the notorious leaders of the French Revolution. Lord Gerard Lenister knows well the whispered connections Lady Eloise has across the Channel and the disdain that Society holds for the lady. It matters little to him. He could have cared less if she was the incarnation of a she-devil. He would marry Jezebel herself if she helped him on his mission. He is that desperate...but soon he discovers that Lady Eloise is not what she seems.

Like Broken Glass

Author: Chris M. Meadows
Publisher: WestBow Press
ISBN: 1490853146
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Were you ever lost in a large department store when you were a child? Can you remember how you felt with your chest welling up inside like it was going to explode from the anxiety that overwhelmed you as you frantically searched for your mom or dad? Your mind racing as you were thinking, "I only took my eyes off of them for a minute to look at the toy, oh where could they be?" That sheer panic is what plagued me when I was distracted by things in this world and lost my way. 'Like Broken Glass' is an inspirational book about losing our way, making all the wrong decisions and God still bringing us home safely again. This journey began with losing everything our family had in a business which was wiped out by a natural disaster; then refusing to see God's hand of providence, I tried rebuilding it all again. Compounded by the untimely death of my father, God finally broke my heart and I listened. This story ends with one of the greatest blessings I have ever known, culminating in the birth of the only heir to my family name. 'Like Broken Glass' hopes to leave you with one principle from the Word of God. If you learn nothing else at least remember this: "God makes a promise. We fail. God keeps His promise!" Why? Because He is God; and He has come to seek those who are lost and mend their broken hearts.