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Vater und Sohn
Author: e.o. plauen, Erich Ohser
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3746038081
Pages: 164
Year: 2017-11-29
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"Vater und Sohn" sind die bekanntesten Figuren des deutschen Zeichners Erich Ohser alias e.o.plauen (1903-1944). Die textlosen Geschichten handeln von den Erlebnissen eines rundlichen, kahlköpfigen Vaters und seines struwelpetrigen Sohnes, die sich mit diversen Alltagssituationen herumschlagen.
Deutsch mit Vater und Sohn
Author: Franz Eppert
Publisher: Hueber Verlag
ISBN: 3198916364
Pages: 96
Year: 2011-09-01
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Zehn Bildgeschichten von Vater und Sohn, die sich besonders zum Erzählen eignen und die durch ihre Thematik zu weitergehenden Aktivitäten im Unterricht motivieren. Zu jeder Geschichte bietet das Buch Hilfen für die Wiederholung und Erweiterung des Wortschatzes und Übungen zur Erarbeitung wichtiger Strukturen und Redemittel. Außerdem werden Vorschläge für Rollenspiele, mündliche oder schriftliche Äußerungen zu einzelnen Aspekten, Gruppendiskussionen usw. gemacht. Biografische Notizen zum Leben und Werk Erich Ohsers, der mit seinen Vater-und-Sohn-Geschichten unter dem Pseudonym E. O. Plauen weltberühmt wurde, runden das Buch ab.
Novel Perspectives on German-Language Comics Studies
Author: Lynn M. Kutch
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 1498526233
Pages: 300
Year: 2016-06-15
View: 1074
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Novel Perspectives on German-Language Comics Studies: History, Pedagogy, Theory is the first English-language anthology to focus on graphic novels and comics from the German-speaking world. Its contributors take innovative historical, pedagogical, and theoretical approaches to reading contemporary German-language comics and, in doing so, demand that the German-language comics tradition, separate from American or Franco-Belgian traditions, be taken seriously at home and abroad.
Ashes to Dust
Author: Yrsa Sigurdardottir
Publisher: Minotaur Books
ISBN: 1250008239
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-03-27
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"I can see why so many people are enthusiastic about Yrsa's work. It's very engaging, fresh, and exciting." -- James Patterson "Iceland's crime queen." --The Scotsman One of the finest Nordic crime writers working today, Yrsa Sigurdardóttir has been published to rave reviews worldwide. Now, with Ashes to Dust, she delivers a dynamite and timely thriller set at the site of a volcano. In 1973, a volcanic eruption buried an entire Icelandic village in lava and ash. Now, hoping to make some cash, a crew is assembled to excavate the site and turn it into a tourist destination. Markús, who was a teenager when the volcano erupted, enlists the help of attorney Thóra Gudmundsdóttir to try to prevent the excavation from going forward. When the digging continues and three fresh bodies (and a spare head) turn up in the basement of Markús' childhood home, Thóra begins to question Markús' motives for wanting to stop the excavation. His explanation for the bodies is complicated, and the locals seem oddly reluctant to back him up. As Markús' story begins to unravel, Thóra finds herself with an impossible task, defending Markús while trying to solve a quadruple murder that may very well implicate her client. With unforgettable characters, unexpected twists, and superb psychological suspense, Ashes to Dust is a riveting thriller from a new international star.
Father and Son
Author: E. O. Plauen
Publisher: New York Review of Books
ISBN: 1681371219
Pages: 312
Year: 2017-05-09
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Father and Son is one of the most beloved comic strips ever drawn—an uproarious, timeless ode to the pleasures, pitfalls, and endless absurdity of family life. Father and Son is a slyly heartwarming, dizzyingly inventive classic in the tradition of Calvin and Hobbes and The Simpsons. Created in 1934 by the German political cartoonist Erich Ohser (using the pseudonym E.O. Plauen after being blacklisted for his opposition to the Nazi regime), the gruff, loving, mustachioed father and his sweet but troublemaking son embark on adventures both everyday and extraordinary: family photoshoots and summer vacations, shipwrecks and battles with gangsters, a Christmas feast with forest animals and a trip to the zoo. Drawn almost entirely without dialogue, the strips overflow with slapstick, fantasy, and anarchic visual puns. Father and Son remains an uproarious, timeless ode to the pleasures, pitfalls, and endless absurdity of family life.
Vater und Sohn
Author: Elke Schulze, E. O. Plauen
Publisher: Reclam Verlag
ISBN: 3159606821
Pages: 188
Year: 2015-02-04
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Das Gespann des gutmütigen, nur manchmal aufbrausenden Vaters und des verschmitzten, immer wieder einer unerwarteten Idee folgenden Sohns ist ein Klassiker: Generationen von Kindern wuchsen mit den hinreißenden Bildergeschichten auf. Ursprünglich erschienen sie 1934 bis 1937 in der Berliner Illustrierten Zeitung. Für den Nazi-Gegner Erich Ohser aus Plauen (= e. o. plauen) waren diese unpolitischen Zeichnungen die Grundlage seiner bürgerlichen Existenz. Gerettet haben sie ihn nicht: 1944 wurde er wegen ťWehrkraft-ZersetzungŤ verhaftet; in der Nacht vor Prozessbeginn erhängte er sich in seiner Zelle. Die Ausgabe reproduziert alle drei Originalbände der ťVater und SohnŤ-Geschichten aus den Jahren 1935, 1936 und 1937. Das Nachwort von Elke Schulze führt in sein Leben und sein Gesamtwerk ein, das mit Porträts, politischen Karikaturen und Landschaften deutlich umfangreicher ist, als man gemeinhin erwartet. Auch von diesem Schaffen finden sich im Nachwort Beispiele.
Rabbid of the Sea
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1481435477
Pages: 40
Year: 2015-05-26
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The Rabbids are ready for a trip to the beach in this hilarious Level 3 Ready-to-Read based on a popular episode! No matter where they go, the Rabbids bring their special brand of chaos, and this time they’re headed to the beach! Down by the shore, the Rabbids are making a bold fashion statement—modeling starfishes! But when they try to make a hat out of an angry octopus, the Rabbids learn that there are some fish that you shouldn’t take out of the water… Rabbids TM & © 2015 Ubisoft Entertainment
The English Struwwelpeter, Or, Pretty Stories and Funny Pictures for Little Children
Author: Heinrich Hoffmann
Pages: 48
Year: 1885
View: 679
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A classic collection of ten German cautionary tales in rhyming verse about some naughty children and the fates that befall them when they misbehave.
Made by Dad
Author: Scott Bedford
Publisher: Workman Publishing
ISBN: 0761171479
Pages: 330
Year: 2013
View: 751
Read: 1153
Provides instructions for projects, including an earthquake coat hook, blazing volcano, and a bunk bed communicator.
Börsenblatt für den deutschen Buchhandel
Year: 1994-04-06
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Conversations of German Refugees ; Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, Or, The Renunciants
Author: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 0691043450
Pages: 440
Year: 1995
View: 493
Read: 977
Goethe was a master of the short prose form. His two narrative cycles, Conversations of German Refugees and Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, both written during a high point of his career, address various social issues and reveal his experimentation with narrative and perspective. A traditional cycle of novellas, Conversations of German Refugees deals with the impact and significance of the French Revolution and suggests Goethe's ideas on the social function of his art. Goethe's last novel, Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, is a sequel to Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship and to Conversations of German Refugees and is considered to be his most remarkable novel in form.
Hector Umbra
Author: Uli Oesterle
ISBN: 190665316X
Pages: 216
Year: 2011
View: 172
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In Hector Umbra, Oesterle skilfully employs the stylistic devices of the detective novel and science fiction. He also enriches his abstruse and mysterious adventure by taking critical sideswipes at the widespread dissemination of conspiracy theories, the sensationalism of the media and the fashion fixation of club culture. The focal point of his stories is Hector Umbra, a painter, who goes in search of his friend DJ Osaka, who has suddenly disappeared. Readers will be entranced by this wild and colourful world packed with freaks, villains and aliens.
The Dangerous Book for Boys
Author: Conn Iggulden, Hal Iggulden
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0061243582
Pages: 288
Year: 2007-05-01
View: 1292
Read: 564
The bestselling book for every boy from eight to eighty, covering essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses*, learning how to fish, finding true north, and even answering the age old question of what the big deal with girls is. In this digital age there is still a place for knots, skimming stones and stories of incredible courage. This book recaptures Sunday afternoons, stimulates curiosity, and makes for great father-son activities. The brothers Conn and Hal have put together a wonderful collection of all things that make being young or young at heart fun—building go-carts and electromagnets, identifying insects and spiders, and flying the world's best paper airplanes. The completely revised American Edition includes: The Greatest Paper Airplane in the World The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World The Five Knots Every Boy Should Know Stickball Slingshots Fossils Building a Treehouse* Making a Bow and Arrow Fishing (revised with US Fish) Timers and Tripwires Baseball's "Most Valuable Players" Famous Battles-Including Lexington and Concord, The Alamo, and Gettysburg Spies-Codes and Ciphers Making a Go-Cart Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary Girls Cloud Formations The States of the U.S. Mountains of the U.S. Navigation The Declaration of Independence Skimming Stones Making a Periscope The Ten Commandments Common US Trees Timeline of American History * For more information on building treehouses, visit and or see "Treehouses You Can Actually Build" by David Stiles
Bildergeschichte. Aufsatz 4.-5. Klasse
Author: Gerhard Widmann
Publisher: Hauschka Verlag
ISBN: 3881002243
Pages: 88
Year: 2015-06-01
View: 216
Read: 805
Was macht eine gute Bildergeschichte aus? Wie werden aus Bildern Wörter und Sätze? Und wie baue ich meine Erzählung sinnvoll auf? Diese Lernhilfe klärt alle Fragen rund um das Thema Bildergeschichte. Viele unterschiedliche Aufgaben motivieren die Schüler zum eigenen Schreiben und zeigen sinnvolle Vorgehensweisen auf. Das langsam ansteigende Niveau der Aufgaben bietet immer wieder neue Herausforderungen und ermöglicht den Einsatz der Lernhilfe von der 4. bis zur 5. Klasse. Am Ende des Heftes warten drei Bildergeschichten, anhand derer die Kinder das Gelernte anwenden können. Der Lösungsteil bietet hierzu Musteraufsätze, die nochmals eine klar strukturierte Bildergeschichte verdeutlichen.
Night Rounds
Author: Helene Tursten
Publisher: Soho Press
ISBN: 1616950072
Pages: 352
Year: 2012-02-14
View: 153
Read: 1193
The fourth investigation in the nationaly bestselling Swedish detective series Irene Huss is a former jujitsu champion, a mother of twin teenage girls, the wife of a successful chef, and a Detective Inspector in the Violent Crimes Unit in Göteborg, Sweden. And now she’s back in the gripping follow-up to Detective Inspector Huss. One nurse lies dead and another vanishes after a local hospital is hit by a blackout. The only witness claims to have seen Nurse Tekla doing her rounds, but Nurse Tekla died sixty years ago. Irene Huss has the challenge of disentangling wandering ghosts and complex human relationships to get to the bottom of this intriguing case.